What wireless remote shutter triger for 5D MKII?

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  1. Hello everybody,

    I went trough two Canon RS-80N3 remote shutter triggers and both had cord snapped at the base. So now I am looking for wireless one witch would be dependable and of high built quality. I am not looking for many features - all I need that it would work well with long exposures/bulb mode and just simply trigger shutter every time. :)

    Any experience/recommendations?
  2. Radio Poppers and Pocket Wizards are the two big choices I think. The newest Pocket Wizards has some issues when used with 580ex II.
  3. The Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Control is a simple, compact, infrared remote control that makes it possible to fire a camera wirelessly from as far as 16' (4.8 m). The RC-6 will operate in either 2-second delay mode or will instantly take a shot.
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  4. Thank you... but as I understand RC6 works only then you point it to the front of camera...i need one I can trigger I am behind the camera... what about bulb mode..mirror lock up?
  5. I have recently purchased the "Pearstone Freewave Wireless Remote Shutter Release for Canon" from B&H (B&H # PERWC2). I have been very happy with it. Plugs into the N3 socket and the wireless trigger works up to 320'.
    Cheers, Kevin
  6. The RF-602 radio triggers from Yongnuo is the answer. I got a set without realising they have a camera remote cord included, that is why you must get the camera specific model, the triggers are all the same, the kit comes with the appropriate camera trigger cord though. Like this. Haven't tried it with bulb mode though, do any radio triggers support bulb? Make sure you get the N3 cable.
    I use them a fair bit, normally for flash triggering, but I also use the remote camera function, it works to over 200ft reliably. Superb value and functionality.
  7. I use a Canon RC-1 remote with my 5D2. You have to put it in front of the camera to make it visible to the IR sensor; I simply reach around the camera from behind. I suppose if you had to be standing more than arm's length behind the camera that might be a problem.
    The RC-1 handles bulb mode very sensibly. You click once to start the exposure and click again to end it.
  8. My RC-1 will trigger a 5D2 from a couple feet above, below or to the right. You don't have to be directly in front of the camera. However, indoors with light colored walls & ceilings, it will actually trigger from a couple feet behind. I also cloned the signal to a learning remote (TV/audio) and the signal is perhaps twice as strong and much wider. But too big to carry in a camera bag.
    The RC-1 works fine with bulb and mirror lockup. I'm still using the same one I bought in 1990 with the EOS 10S. Only had to change the battery once in 20 years!
  9. I also suggest the RC-1. It works nicely with the 5D II.
  10. I really like my giga-T-pro. It fires remotely up to 100 feet, but even better will allow you to set a series of pix at any
    interval you want. You can shot a pix remotely every 30 seconds, or every hour...any sequence you wish for any
    length of time. Want to shoot a "movie" of a flower opening, a bird feeding...whatever you want. Amazon sells it for
    about 100 bucks...
  11. I bought a 5$ one on ebay for my 400D several years ago. It works just fine on my 5D2. I forget the brand name though. Oh, and it works on other brands of cameras too (Nikon, I think also Sony).

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