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Discussion in 'Pentax' started by mc2imaging, May 12, 2009.

  1. With the modern technologies in the realm of custom printed shrinkwrap and such, I wonder what creative looks we might see on the street if Pentax released a model that was available in custom designed skins. Forget the gold plating and alligator leatherette of old, let's think outside the box! How's that for a Pentax innovation? Not only will people see you coming and know that's a new K30D wrapped in lime green with pink polka dots from 100 yards away, but it would also deter theft if your camera didn't look like every other DSLR on the street.
    Personally, the K20D is nice, but not nice enough to make me bite. If it had been available in a Galloway Hunting tartan, or maybe houndstooth, I'd have 4 of them!
    What kind of skin do you want on your next DSLR?
  2. That Memotron's the perfect camera for golfers to take with them on the course as they can wear matching pants!
  3. It may not be for everybody but I'm glad customization exists. The D-SLR is a little tough because it barely has any surface area that doesn't have some controls already on it or some weird compound curve...but I guess anything is possible, right?
  4. Is the K7 a step back from the K10D? I haven't seen the specs but from the images Paul provided it looks liek a replacement for the K100D..
  5. Tom, why would you say that? It's supposed to be a little smaller than K10D/20D but appears to have most of the external controls including dual e-dials. One I don't see is for bracketing, and I believe SR on/off has been demoted to menu-control (probably OK).
  6. These would jazz up your dull-as-dirt black wunderplastik D-SLR.
  7. What about the buttons at the rear on the left side.. They seem, er, gone.
  8. Also, I guess some folks want or need a smaller camera, but I can't imagine mounting a DA* 300 to a smaller body than the K10D and it being comfortable. Seems like it would be very lens heavy then - Heck, with the Viv 100 it would be very lens heavy..
    Andrew, those are the silliest things I have ever seen. I'll smack the first person I see using one.
  9. People have been mounting big, heavy lenses to small cameras for decades. The K10 and K20 are huge compared to many 35mm film cameras. My K100D, which some consider "too small," is big and beefy compared to my 35mm SLRs!
  10. Rock on, Andrew! The P* is everything I've been looking for and more!!!
  11. Am I remembering correctly? Didn't that houndstooth model appear in an early James Bond movie?? I can almost visualize the scene.
  12. Matthew, 'and more' indeed. Just be sure and steer clear of Tom when you're using it...I wouldn't want to feel in any way responsible for what might ensue.
    Tom, the left buttons are now split on the upper left (play/delete) and lower right (menu/info). I assume this is the kind of thing they need to do to put a 3" LCD on a smallish body. Agree that this might not be the first choice body for someone who wants to routinely hand-hold a DA*300 but I think using a battery grip probably makes a bigger difference than a slightly larger body for improving handling with larger lenses.
  13. Mr. Maher appears more interested in buttons on the back of the camera and where they are located than what the camera does. I am sure Pentax could design a great camera for this market segment at a very reasonable price. (ouch, just got a cramp in my tongue).
  14. Andrew, those are the silliest things I have ever seen. I'll smack the first person I see using one.​
    WOOT? I just ordered 12:
    K10D (x2)
    P3 (x3)
    (The Spotmatics are show pieces so I keep them factory)

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