What type of lighting used for these photos

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by roger_k, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Hi there,

    I am looking for this type of result in my next shoot. The lighting
    is awesome in my opinion for the certain look I want. I know he
    probably did some work in PS, but what type of lighting source do you
    think he used and how did he use it? Here's the link to his folder,
    I know i could probably ask him, but I'm sure other people would gain
    some insight to get the results he has gotten.

  2. I could be 200% wrong here, but I seem to recall him discussing "painting with light" a few months back, and if memory serves (which it doesn't always!), the photos with the brown/dark red background were created that way.

    Now, these don't all strike me as being such, but a few of them have that "feel". And if so, he is obviously very good at it.

    And rememeber, I could be so far off base, I'm in the upper deck.!
  3. Looks like maybe a single softbox from one side or possibly two of them with one of them much brighter than the other.<br>
    I imagine they had the power turned way down on these.

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