What to do with wrecked 17-35 2.8

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  1. This one has literally been through a war. It's far too ugly to sell. And now the zoom ring is jammed. Otherwise, it's an ugly duckling and a work horse. Sell for parts or repair? I'd expect to get about $23 bucks for it on ebay. How much would a repair cost me? And any suggestions for a tech?
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    Recently I had accident with my 24-70mm first version also having damaged the zoom ring and the cover just behind the front lens, but it was still functioning.
    I decided to travel the 425km to Nikon Service Center, who had a look and said: pick it up in 3 hours and I got a bill for USD 44. I also have the 17-35mm and I would do exactly the same for that one, as it performs extremely well even that it is a very old design (analog).
  3. Are the front and especially rear lens elements clean and free from excessive wear? Does the AF still work? If so, I think the lens would be worth more than the cost of a CLA after a service. I still like the one I have. Even as is, I think you would get more than $23 on ebay. I have been having good luck with Camera Service Co in Smyrna, GA. They are on the Nikon list as authorized (can get parts).
  4. Sending it in, you will get a free cost estimate and can then decide if the repair cost is worth it to you or not. I doubt it is going to be as low as $44, expect more something approaching or exceeding $200 (based on my one experience where repairing the contacts on my 24-120 (first version) was quoted at $160).
  5. Thanks for the good answers. Both elements are fine and autofocus works.
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    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Dieter Schaefer - I am aware that Nikon's prices here are extremely low compared to the rest of the world even the region - I never to sensor cleaning myself, as they only charge usd 6 -:)

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