What strap do you use?

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  1. I have been looking at some new straps, Altura Photo Rapid Fire Pro Camera Neck Strap gets good reviews for a decent price, what do you use?
  2. OP/TECH 1503372 Pro Loop Strap

    Got one on each of my DSLRs.

    Does a good job of taking out the bounce/shock of a D500 + 50-100mm1.8 around your neck all day when shooting horse cross-country.

    ... and I like the loop through itself method. Never had one fray either.

    They do a very handy wrist strap for long teles too.
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  3. I have the Peak Design Cuff (a wrist strap: Cuff; I use mostly the older version though that doesn't have the metal slider: Peak Design Cuff Camera Strap Review (2017 Version)) on all my camera bodies. On the rare occasion that I feel the need for a shoulder strap, I use the Peak Design Slide (https://www.peakdesign.com/collections/straps/products/slide); I am more likely to carry a digital holster than a neck strap though. My first experience with sliding straps was with Carryspeed - I still have two of their straps floating around - good as new as I hardly ever used them - mainly because they were incompatible with using Arca-Swiss-type camera plates and required their own mounting plates.

    Precisely why I like the Peak Design - their anchor links are small and can stay on the camera; they also seem less prone to accidental release than those clips on the Optech (used their wrist straps for a while before Peak Design appeared on the scene)
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  4. Looks good! Is the black, err, 'socket' a hard plastic or alloy?
    Their product listing on Amazon says...
    • Dyneema Anchors alert you to wear and tear.
    I guess that's the toggle bit?

    How easy and positive is the connect and disconnect?
  5. Optech on my D850
  6. Upstrap. Cameras hang from my shoulders, never my neck.
  7. Plastic.
    Those are the anchor links - the "wear and tear" indication refers to the piece of string which has a colored string embedded - its appearance will indicate wear and one should replace the anchor link at that time. IIRC, then these anchor links are on V4 now - there have been issues in the past with their 1st version and then again with their 3rd (which they replaced free of charge with V4 ones): 2018 Anchor Update

    To connect, you push the link into the trapezoidal portion and slide into the round portion and/or pull on the strap to lock it into place; an audible click indicates that it indeed locked securely in place. To remove, push the anchor disc down and slide it out; so far I have not accidentally or unintentionally disconnected the strap from the anchor.

    I am not fond of the metal slider on the new Cuff design - but a piece of gaffer tape around it "takes the edge off" and prevents scratching the camera or lens when inside the bag.
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  8. I always used the Nikon AN-4Y since the late 70's.
  9. I use Magpul single-point (rifle) straps with mil-spec quick connects. Really Right Stuff has sockets milled in base plates and L-plates for that connector. This is a cross-shoulder strap, which keeps the weight centered on your spine, and the camera in a handy, ready position at your side. There's nothing to come unscrewed, yet it's easy to remove for use on a tripod. It is relatively comfortable with a heavy lens attached to the camera, like a 3+ pound Sony 100-400 GM.

    I have used Sun Sniper straps in the past, similar to Black Rapid but with better connectors. Both have a swivel which screws into the tripod socket. In theory, the swivel should slide on strap so it doesn't move when you raise the camera. In practice, the strap tends to twist and stick in the swivel. I've never had one come unscrewed, but am obsessive-compulsive about checking it every 10 seconds or so anyway.

    You could tow a car with the Magpul straps an connectors. As a preventive measure, I use a little TFE grease on the connector. It is Parkerized, but can stick when exposed to weather for a long time. It's not very stylish, but you could pin pieces of flair on it, to make it seem more contemporary.
  10. SCL


    I make my own tailored to my particular demands.
  11. The neoprene straps from Op/Tech and others are good for cushioning the weight of the camera. For really heavy lenses+camera I find the BlackRapid strap to be the best I've ever used. (RS7 LINK)
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  12. If you use a neoprene strap, don't rely on neoprene alone. The better Black Rapid and SunSniper straps have a nylon strap backing the neoprene. Neoprene can fail without warning once it ages or is subject to chemical attack.
  13. For a neck strap, the Nikon strap that came with my D750. Recently, if I am going to carry the camera for any length of time, a Cotton Carrier G3 harness.
  14. Vincent Peri

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    I use the Nikon wide strap AN6 in either burgundy or yellow.
  15. ...as do the OP/TECH Pro Loops. Firmly stitched through with the deliberate slack to allow controlled, but limited, stretch.
  16. UPStrap - great little company; the only strap I use and recommend. Check out the HD Rapid Release Clips and Vectran Loop Ends. Nice large comfortable pad, doesn't dig into my shoulder and doesn't slip. Very well made and a good value.
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  18. I like a very simple neoprene non-slip strap that is unobtrusive. I avoid the big Nikon strap that comes with the camera, or some big wide brand name straps. I sampled a lot and finally found the most comfortable and practical in no-name simplicity and low cost.
  19. I have been using a black Domke 1" Gripper with swivel quick release since before the turn of the century. I was still on my first when I last summer replaced it with Domke's 1.5" model, also in black. The 1" looks like the black belt of a true martial arts master, worn, very worn, but still does the job.

    When visiting Grays of Westminster last autumn I bought Nikon's 100th Anniversary strap in black leather. Its Nikon logo is debossed and does not stand out in any way. It has been on my D850 since but either Domke may find their way back to my camera.
  20. Just had a look at it.

    It's not a neck strap at-all. It's a shoulder strap!

    or, as the chap in the video calls it a Cross-Body Strap.

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