What slr to get?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by nate_allen|1, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. OK........... I have a nikon d40 and the 18-135 af-s lens(as well as some others) and i was wondering, if i wanted to
    get all the film slr(body only) i could for the money (saying i had $100-$200 to spend) what would be my best option?

    (p.s. I am completely clueless when it comes to the model names and prices of nikon slr's)
  2. get a manual focus slr that has a working meter. since your existing lenses would not work then go for something as cheap as possible.
  3. You can pick up a very nice Nikon F100 for about $200. It's my favorite modern Nikon body. More info here:


  4. What other lenses do you have? The 18-135 won't cover full-frame.
  5. I think you will need to be more specific as to what do you want to do with it? if you just want to take snaps of the family then a F/N65 with a 28-80 is a good option. If you want more control then look for a F/N80 or F100. And if you want to revert to a "purist" level, look for a FE2 or FM2n or F3 which are very hardy but more basic cameras that do not offer AF.
  6. A $50 N80 is going to be hard to beat. But as Peter asked: what are the other lenses you have?
  7. I would second the Nikon N80. At $50 it is a steal. I paid $180 for mine second hand and that was a great deal too. Unless you're shooting sports you don't need an F100.
  8. I agree with Robert Budding. The best choice by far would be the Nikon F100 at your highest price point. My second choise at your lowest price point would be the Nikon D90.
  9. I also have a cosina 70-210mm lens that is nikon AF not AF-S. It does not AF on the d40, but i think it might on a film slr
  10. Where the heck did you find a f100 for $200!?!?!
  11. You can get one at keh.com.

    However in that price range I'd look at an F4. What other lenses do you have as DX lenses will not fill the entire film frame?
  12. Nate Allen , Oct 12, 2008; 07:14 p.m. Where the heck did you find a f100 for $200!?!?!​
    From ebay, I bought a very good condition F100 for $165 and a great FM2N for $65. It's the best time to get into film photography.
  13. Since you have a Nikon AF mount lens, how about a Nikon N90s?

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