What slideshow tool do you recommend for website?

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by alwin_lai, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. My current site has been quite neglected since inception. Well it being 2011 and all, I think it's time for a good revamp. Actually I am thinking about simplifying. My work are mostly referrals anyways.
    Currently I am using a Java based slideshow that came with the website package.
    I like to know what latest slideshow tool do you recommend?
    Here's my current website www.veritas-images.com
  2. Alwin, I've been fiddling around with that same template for a couple of years myself. What is lacking in your current slideshow?
  3. Thanks for the reply! The current slideshow seems to lack the fade-out feature. It just blinks from one image to the next.
    And one pet peeve I have with it is, image sizing. It is currently not very consistent. Perhaps this is something I need control with the photos I use. Would be nice if the slideshow tool conforms everything into a consistent width and height.
  4. Hi Alwin, I see what you mean about the sizing. It jumps quite a bit. You'd have to resize your images to a certain constraint in order to stop that. And the transition between one gallery and another is a bit awkward.
    I'm looking for a better slideshow myself, so I'll be watching your thread. I'm using "slideshowpro" now and while it's good, I think I could do better. For instance: www.jspencerphotography.com/rex if you want to check it out. It is a Lightroom plug-in that one can buy for $30.
  5. Whew, OMG, you're using javascript, thank the gods! NOT Java. Personally, I would stay away from Flash as well. I've found it's a great tool, but if I browse the net on my mobile, I miss a lot of cool stuff, just because mobile browsers and Flash plugins aren't always up to scratch. Also, it's like using a sledge-hammer to crack a walnut.
    I made use of a javascript slideshow a long time back and it did fades quite well.
    Just did a quick search and came up with this one:

    There are, no doubt many more to choose from but it appears to use a similar setup to what you have already, and you can set fixed dimensions.
  6. Thanks for the correction Seth! I always confuse b/t JS and Java. Not a coder see...
    Your point about Flash and phone plugin is a good one. I need to research on the compatibility.
    I'm experimenting this new flash slideshow. This is for one of my clients.
    If it works well, I will use the same format for my site. Collapsing all the different galleries. Need to simplify abit.
  7. I'm not a fan of Flash for slideshows unless an alternative is used when Flash is not plugged in. Obviously these slideshows don't work on the iPad either, which for me is a big deal.
    I use Phoca with JOOMLA for my site. It's a Javascript slideshow that works quite well after it's configured.
  8. Hi All,
    I am going through exactly the same issue in developing a new website.
    The issues I am specifically concerned about is that of protecting the images from those less scrupulous viewers of my work. It is this same reason that I only ever post also ran images on this site.
    I have been toying with the idea of photo videos. If you don't look at the undeveloped site, there is an example here.
    Not being a tech head, what are the chances that someone could take a usable image off a photo-video like this is another question I am interested in hearing opinions about.
    Thanks for the thread and I look forward to following it.
    Mike Sea
  9. Mike,
    If you use a script to protect the images with a typical javascript warning like "These images are copyright protected. Downloading is forbidden." - most average web users will stop there.
    If somebody really wants your images, they will go to the lengths required to get them, and it isn't hard, really.
    It's almost impossible to avoid the 'Printscreen' button, which you can use to capture a screenshot and paste into Paint or PS.
    Video can also be downloaded and separate frames can be rendered out.
    I've grabbed the odd 'protected' image before because it was easier to show somebody offline, rather than have to browse a website to find it.
    My feeling is, if there's a watermark or a copyright notice in the corner, it's fairly well respected. Generally the images that people are going to steal will stick out like a sore thumb if they get re-used or re-worked. In that case, you receive the flattery of imitation and the possibility for litigation ;)
  10. Let's see if I can post one here.. (Don't sue me! I'm broke anyway, so you'd get nothing ;)
  11. Hi Alwin,
    I used a program called Photo Story 3 for windows....by M S ...it had great fading features but
    I ended up with a no-go because my son scanned the images too small....so now I want to start all over and rescan images..but thats an all day sucker....
    it's always better to scan them larger then U can resize them smaller...but U cant make them bigger....can you tell me about what size(MBs) are your images...they are very sharp and high quality but like U said,,,the fades are quite sudden...
    I also have a program called Roxio Creator 9XE and Nero...does anyone know if these programs would be good for slilde show...?
    thanks David G
  12. mpd


    I created my own slideshow. It uses javascript. Previously, I used Flash but with the growing number of iPad users I that I needed to address the lack of Flash support on the iPad. One of the interesting features is that it resizes the image tag to display vertical or horizontal images. Also, my page will display even when there is no javascript (Its not pretty but it is not blank either. Sometimes corporations turn off javascript based on the employees login ID.) If you are interested, email me and I will send you the code and you can just plug in your data.
    I didn't write all of this code alone. I spent many hours working in forums with others guiding me.
    Patrick Dillon Photography
  13. Hi Pat....I like your pictures...very crisp....but why no music...or maybe I just cant hear it..?
    how do I know if I have javascript...and can I add music to it...? my program IM using now goes to
    media player...will that work wwith most people...
    thanks David G
  14. mpd


    Thanks for you kind words. If the slides change you have javascript. If you see an UnOrdered list of 16 images javasctipt is not enabled on your machine.
    I do not like listening to music when I go to a web site. I usually have my own playing. The first thing I look for is the Mute button when I encounter a site with music. But maybe I am just a cranky old man.
    To add music you would just have to add another control to your web page. Google "Web site music player free" and you will get lots of results. Many of them are Flash/Shockwave players. This requires your visitors to have these apps installed on their computers. I don't think that is a big deal because most people have these installed long before they get to your web site.
    Where would you get your music without violating copyright laws? This is a hot topic on photog forums. I guess there are royalty free sites for that also. I should look into it as my slideshows do not have music either.
    also see http://www.photo.net/website-creation-forum/00Y5c4 for more discussion on music on a web site.

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