What Rollei 3.5 is this and how much can it worth

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by paulopires, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Help my friends
    There are so many variations and models that I'm a bit lost with this camera.
    Can you please share some information please?
  2. Um, yes there are lots of them, so a fuller set of pictures might really help the Rollei people pin it down. Maybe the number will do.
    Once you find out what it is, the "completed auctions" on eBay is the best guide to going prices (of course look only at the 'green' ones that actually sold to somebody - asking prices are useless).
  3. It has a Xenar 3.5 lens.
  4. Serial number is an MX Automat from the early 1950s. Value depends on condition.
  5. Thanks Dave it's in perfect working order, original leather case, comes with some original filters and this Wide Lens kit I'm showing. The seller is asking 450 euros, around 642 USD.
  6. Thank you JDM, it looks a good deal but we never know with these babies, there are so many around with so many lens combinations...
  7. I got a pretty good set of pictures.

  8. I went there Q.G., and it was a great help, but some come with the Tessar 3.5 and this one comes with the Xenar 3.5... damn :)

    I thank you my friend... Rollei tlr's are just a crazy world.
  9. Good camera, but asking price is too high. Colucci says 225 - 325 USD for an MX. The generic wide adapter has negligible value. For 450 Euros/640 USD, you may be able to get a later model with a Planar or Xenotar, if you're lucky and patient.
    Second-hand prices in Europe are generally higher for everything, so you might check out the U.S. market. Look on the KEH site. Email Mr Harry Fleenor at Oceanside camera. He sometimes has a few second-hand Rolleis for sale-- not cheap, but you might be able to get a deal on a camera that he has overhauled.
  10. Thank you so very much Dave, those are wise words and I will do so.
    You are also right, prices in Europe are a bit high but if I buy outside Europe (I'm in Portugal) I must expect some taxes (made up by Franz Kakfka) and I never know how much the final price will be. :))

    I will check KEH and I will have a look at Oceansize camera. Thank you once again you guys are the best!

  11. "I went there Q.G., and it was a great help, but some come with the Tessar 3.5 and this one comes with the Xenar 3.5... damn :)"

    As per Rollei Club's page: K4A.
    Matches the serial number, and is listed as coming with either Zeiss Jena Tessar 3,5/75, Zeiss Oberkochen Opton 3,5/75 or indeed Schneider Xenar 3,5/75.
    So that's the one.
  12. German tech literature doesn't list this as MX but it is widely known, especially in the US as the Automat MX Type 1. It is the only 3.5 with the MX shutter system and also the small focus knob. The Type 1 differs from the 2 by not having the grooved base plate for accessories. It also doesn't have the interior baffles of the Type 2. Made from June 1951 to March 1954. Price was $235 with Xenar and $275 with Tessar when first released and both went up $10 after the first year. I had one just like this and it made great images that I couldn't tell from the Tessars.
  13. Thank you Q.G. No question about it, it is.

    Thank you Craig, what a lesson, I'm bowing at you my friend.

    Thank you all so much for the informations, I'm not making that deal. ;)
  14. I wouldn't buy one without the baffles. Look for an MX-EVS instead?
  15. Kirk, the baffles make a tiny difference in contrast in my experience. I've shot with a 1950 Automat for a long time and have had superb results. Baffles aren't a deal breaker at all. If you're that concerned about contrast, buy a Hasselblad. Their 80mm Planar T* lenses blow everything else away in the medium format world in my experience.

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