What R lenses with BELLOWS ?

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  1. Can anyone please tell me if the standard 50mm lens can be used with the R bellows ? What is the ratio ?
  2. First of all, yes the 50/2 can be fitted to the bellows. As to the
    magnification, the bellows has a maximum extension of 110mm. Adding
    50mm extension to a 50mm lens gives 1:1, so the bellows can more than
    double that, plus there's some more extension available using the
    50's own focusing mechanism. The only problem is that the standard
    50 was not computed for maximum performance in the close-up range nor
    for use at extremely small apertures (in fact it only goes to f/16
    which is limiting in macro work), so it would probably be overly
    ambitious to expect the same kind of image quality when used on a
    bellows at maximum extension, stopped down to f/16 (which again
    doesn't give you as much DOF as you will probably want)as you're used
    to in normal photography.
  3. I have a reverse ring for my Nikon 50mm, so when using it on long
    extension, the rear element is facing forward. This is supposed to
    optimize the image quality and increase magnification. The lens is
    then used manual aperture of course. Leica must have some sort of
    adapter like this. People also use quality enlarging lenses on
    bellows as well.

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