What now? I used to right click my pic and copy to post on other sites ....

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  1. How can I add one of my pics to a post on other sites?

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  2. +1 - I regularly pull my photos out for other uses and allow others to do the same. It would be nice to be able to choose whether to turn right-clicking on or not.
  3. Can someone give an answer?

  4. Yep, I'm another member looking for an answer to this please.
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    Public facing portfolios that feature is no longer as it is there to protect your photos from being reused without your permission.
  6. Hi Glenn,

    So there is no other way I can keep my images on p.net and access them to use them on other forums?
  7. Glenn- We need to have some way to download or admin our images then. I have an entire directory of archived images I might not have other copies of. Couldn't we get some FTP or download capability to go along with upload capability too. My images have in effect become the property of Photo Net as I cannot pull them down any longer. Please have the web devs get us an admin tool for this purpose which is only permissible on our own accounts. Doesn't seem like a lot to ask.
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  8. I agree, I too would like to be able to download my full-size images back to my hard drive so I have a copy of it. Anyone know how?
  9. It would be really nice to have the CHOICE whether or not to allow right-clicking/access to urls - all of my pics are now stuck in photo.net with no way to get them out. I've always allowed conservation groups to use them in presentations and now I can't do that (or pull them out to put them somewhere else where that is possible...)
  10. I would sort "most"

    Would think most people would not have one location for their photos/images. In other words if you posted a photo to the old or previous version of Photo.Net, wouldn't you also retain a copy, or alias of that same images somewhere else, accessible? Ie your computer or a USB stick or CD anything other than an on-line photo posting location?
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    I will DM each of you directly
  12. Just so I know whether to worry about this... if I right click on one of the images on (say) the Nikon Wednesday list, I can save it as normal. Are there areas of the site for which this doesn't work? Or are full-size images different in some way?
  13. For me, being able to pull pics into a thread is and important P.Net function. It seems much more difficult to do this now. I hope in time, you will implement an easy solution to this situation. Thanks for all you've been doing. I'm sure there will be a lot of questions and requests in such an ambitious new roll out.
  14. Someone deleted all my photos.
  15. Looks like they fixed the issue. Under Library you can now click on an individual photo and there's a link to download it. Bravo!!
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  16. Thanks for this information - I posted a "How to" in the Help Forum.

  17. <br>
    Please see
    How-to Manual Part 1: The answers for details on how to do this. It is towards the end of the current thread. <br>
  18. I didn't see a solution in the Manual Part 1 for how to grab a pic in one's own portfolio (used to be a simple rt click and then copy image address and I would put it into a thread). I can take photos from flickr and bring them in easily enough, but do I need to keep photos on another site to participate in photo threads on photo.net? There really should be a way to implement this functionality as it is central to a lot of us who use photo.net to share photos in threads. The its to protect your photos, doesn't wash. You don't need to protect my photos from me:)
  19. So Laurie is there a way to do it? Its not in the "How to Manual".
  20. Yes, there is now a way to do it, Laurie is correct. Its near the end of the How to Manual Part 1, its a post about new added function to download photos, with an added on comment by Wayne Media that explains that the old right click is available when doing the download. You right click, can copy the image address, and then just use the add photo icon in your reply to a thread and paste in the address. Works like a charm! Thanks!

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