What music do you like?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by rowlett, Mar 5, 2006.

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    When you're in the darkroom, or at your computer doing the digitial
    thing, what are you listening to?

    Me: Pink Floyd, The Cure, The Beatles, Led Zepp, Roger Waters, (Mimi
    yelling to fold my whites), ZZ Top...
  2. Mahler for film, Stravinsky for digital.
  3. Johnny Cash does it for me.
  4. In the shower I like water music.
  5. Tom Waits, Bob Marley, Miles Davis, North Mississippi Allstars, John Prine, Billie Holiday, Townes Van Zandt, Ray Charles, Dave Alvin, James Brown, Cake, Ella Fitzgerald, Lyle Lovett, and a few dozen others.
  6. You assume its music, I listen to BBC Radio 4, the worlds best radio station.
  7. Eerie similarity...except, strike off ZZ top...and replace with Coldplay, U2, Paul Oakenfold (great for driving too), Verve, Dire Straits,...

    Coldplay is hands down one of the best "new" bands to emerge since U2, and hope they don't break up like the Verve.
  8. U2, Pacvarotti, Bocelli, Bach, Chopin.
  9. This week: Amadeus, Janis, Billie, Lucinda Williams, Coltrane, Bob Marly, Vivaldi, Queen
    Ida, Salieri :)
  10. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    ska/jazz/ambient/early brit punk
  11. r s

    r s

  12. alot of mono ( www.mono-44.com ) and BBC
  13. lb-


    this week: The Saints, MC5, PJ Harvey. and Kool and the Gang.
  14. I'll listen to most anything- if it's good. Since December, it's been
    Mary Wells, The Marvelletes, Shirelles, Destiny's Child, Dinah
    Washington, Smokey Robinson, Johnny Cash, Curtis Mayfield,
    War, and a few others I can't think of right now. It's the first time
    I've really concentrated on these artists and first time I've heard a
    good portion of it. Old school, but that doesn't matter when the
    music is timeless. This adds to a huge list, of which Miles,
    Dylan, Beatles, Ellington, Monk, Satchmo, Etta James, Ray
    Charles, Beethoven, Gershwin, and many others- have been
    obsessions at one time or another. I guess the only new music I
    have much contact with right now is some Hip Hop, but I don't
    care too much for the macho gangster aspect of Rap.
  15. in no particular order: Steely Dan, Yellowjackets, Marcus Miller, Mike Stern, Jamiroquai, Lenny Kravitz
  16. Rap. Crank it up and you don't have to agitate the film.
  17. LCD Soundsystem, Rennie Pilgrem, ascii disko, Blim...
  18. While I listen to all kinds of music, in the darkroom it's strictly funk only. Having examined my prints carefully it became clear that the very best ones were made while listening to The Lafayette Afro Rock Band. Herbie Hancock produces a high edge acutance in my prints and Bobby Womack the best tonal range. For toning Isaac Hayes works well.
  19. Ah Andy, have you tried putting on 'Bitche's Brew?' If you really
    want to get something done...
  20. As a subscriber to Sirius Satellite Radio, I listen to that a lot. My favorite stations are Standard Time and Broadway's Best. Sometimes, I opt for classic country (Hank Sr, Patsy, Tammy, etc). Still, at other times, I like a hard edged folksy-rock sound (Springsteen, Lucinda Williams, et al). Really, it all depends on the mood, and sometimes on the subject matter of the photos being printed.
  21. Mozart,Beethoven,Vivaldi,Schubert,Mendelson,Paganini,Verdi,Wieniavsky,Dvorak; Fritz Kreisler, Yehudi Menuhin, David Oistrach,Glenn Gould;Zhou Xuan,Chinese lute,Peking Opera.
  22. Miles ..
    Radio 4 BBC

  23. (a) In any case Brahms. Especially his own four-hand piano arrangements, e.g. of his string quartets.
    <br>(b) Frank Zappa. For me, that's classical music, too
  24. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    "Ah Andy, have you tried putting on 'Bitche's Brew?'"

    that's one of my fave songs, Ray
  25. Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru, Sly and Robbie, Skatalites, Desmond Dekker (saw him live in Portsmouth in 1987 incredible!), Hildegard of Bingen, William Byrd (Tallis Scholars), Palestrina, XTC (English Roundabout), some Bach, most Handel, some Mozart, Abba, Caravan (In the land of Grey & Pink) The Specials, Madness, John Martyn, Oscar Peterson (saw him live in Portsmouth way back in about 1978)

    Lots, lots more
  26. XTC's Album, English Settlement is what I meant. (English Roundabout is just one track.)
  27. Tonight I'm off to see Breakestra, scanning can wait.
  28. Anouar Brahem, Cat Power, Abida Praveen, Life withour Buildings, Bill Laswell gets frequent earplay.
  29. Absolute quiet. Not a sound. No music, nothing.
  30. I like classic music (especially Wasser Musik by F. Handel) then rock '50-'70 and jazz classic and modern, also acid jazz.

    Vincenzo Maielli Bari Italy
  31. Trevor - 'In the Land of Grey and Pink' is an absolute classic! Stylophone solos with panache! and wah-wah! We talked in morse . . .
  32. Axel Zwingenberger. Hard to find here in the US but well worth it when you do.
  33. John, yes a classic indeed! (Even my 14 and 21 year old daughters like it, especially 'Golf Girl')

    However they used a Mellotron not a stylophone I believe...

  34. Trevor Hare: have you got Heart of the Congos - by the Congos. Produced my Lee Perry? It's a sublime album. Recommended.
  35. Constantly changing. Today it's Terry Reid and J.J.Cale.
  36. No Anhtu, but I am playing 'Fisherman' on Napster now to try it out. Sounds good. Thanks
  37. I just listen to the local FM station that plays classic 60's and 70's rock music. About what Tony listens to. Throw in some Queen, Doors, Grateful Dead...Amazingly all the same stuff the college kids seem to be listening to, which is why it's getting so much air play.
  38. Is that Magic on 102.7 Al ?

  39. Too many to list but recurring suspects are:
    Tool, A Perfect Circle, Buty, HDJK, Janota, Nohavica, Merta, Jarre, Peter Gabriel, Prazsky Vyber, Sting, Stromboli, Rush, Weather Report, Yes, Plastic People...
  40. Howlin' Wolf
  41. for 'yes' fans . . .
  42. Mostly the classics. Russian composers--Tschaikovsky, Borodin, Rachmaninoff, etc. But others, too. Beethoven, Strauss, etc. Also golden oldies rock stuff ( ". . .been through the desert on a horse with no name . . ." "Bye bye Miss American Pie" etc. Garrison Keillor. The tappet brothers.
  43. Trevor, I think that it's 93.9 FM. I have a piece of duct tape over the tuning wheel on the radio so I don't accidently move it.
  44. Mostly jazz, esp. Chet Baker and Miles and Art Pepper, etc.
    Rap, of course, grew up with it during my college days
    Classical music, big on Bach, Mozart, etc.
    Country, Johnny Cash and Leann Rimes, etc.

    Rock, my favorite two all time are Steely Dan and the Eagles (billy joel too).

    Electronica like Squarepusher, DJ Spooky, etc.

    No Leica music?
  45. Trevor, I am glad I am not the only one who listens to Abba. I always play music when I work in my darkroom. I listen to Black Uhuru, Moby, a lot of tehcno stuff. However, my kids run and hide and the dog howls whenever I put Abba on in the house. Everyone usually winds up leaving the house. Oh well, they don't realize that is part of my plan all along.
  46. Interesting post Tony. I listen to all sorts of music, mostly Jazz, classical, anything new and good comtempoary. I was a musician and now a violinmaker. I love Pink Floyd, The Cure, The Beatles etc too, good taste. Music is very good for your mind, as is photography, etc. Cheers.
  47. Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Frusciante, Ween, Depeche Mode, Front 242, The Crystal
    Method, Joy Division, James Blunt, Eat Static, Massive Attack, Stereophonics, Neil Young,
    The Cure, Bush, Editors, Stereo MC's, Warren G, New Order, Franz Ferdinand, Sting, Nick
    Cave, Elvis Costello, Smashing Pumpkins, Mother Love Bone, Marillion, Alphaville, David
    Byrne, Michael Jackson, Prince, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Moby, Tears For Fears, Murray
    Head, Lou Reed, Ferre Grignard, Ian Brown, REM, Guns 'N' Roses, The Turtles, The Doors,
    Human League, Dead Or Alive, Rammstein, Velvet Underground, Kyuss, Leonard Cohen,
    Queens Of The Stone Age, Jane's Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Morcheeba, Kings Of
    Leon, System Of A Down, Gorillaz, The Pixies, Alice In Chains, Bob Dylan, Snowpatrol, They
    Might Be Giants, Beck, Kaiser Chiefs, Rolling Stones, Gabriel Rios, Daan, Deus, Public
    Enemy, Kate Bush, Robbie Williams, Leftfield, INXS, David Bowie, Interpol, John Lennon,
    The Beastie Boys, Manic Street Preachers, Nine Black Alps, The Killers, Duran Duran, 2Pac,
    The Cardigans, Interpoll, Johnny Cash, U2, Radiohead, Fatboy Slim, P, Manu Chao,
    Millionaire, Chromeo, Placebo, Outkast, Royksopp, Pearl Jam, Nova Star,Kiss, Talking
    Heads, The Beatles, The Clash, OMD, Faith No More, Nas, Ladytron, Angelo Badalamenti,
    The Police, Blur, Dandy Warhols, Tracy Chapman, Metallica, Grand Master Flash,
    Kasabian,...and a few others.

    Frank Zappa, who covers all of them above bastards...

    Most genius singer/songwriter, guitarplayer of today is, John Frusciante

    Best bands of today are most certainly Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ween
  48. This is a good thread...

    With Tmax developer, I listen to a self-made mix of heavily rhythmic new and classic rock,
    pop and country, e.g. Jim Croce, Dolly Parton, Steppenwolf, Paul Simon, Chuck Berry, The
    Pointer Sisters, Baha Men... you get the idea. I find the beat makes the frequent, vigorous
    agitations a lot more fun.

    In my digital darkroom, Chopin, Bach and Brahms.
  49. this is on topic to Leica Photography?....or relates closely to Leica photography? (by the way....the preferred OT is ommitted from the title if this is indeed falling under that very loose allowance).....................yet, OT critique directly related (which, according to the author of that picture, occurs in physical gallerys all the time) to a certain POW gets deleted...............hmmmmmmmmm
  50. Depends on the medium. Digital: Sneaker Pimps. Film: Kate Smith.
  51. Belle and Sebastian
  52. The radio. WWOZ. All New Orleans all the time. http://www.wwoz.org/listen.php
  53. Too many to list all but in my darkroom at the moment is some Nurse with wound, massive attack, burning spear,king tubby, boards of canada and the magic numbers (who I went to see a couple of weeks ago and were very good).
  54. Depends on my mood but a lot of '60s and '70s rock. Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Zepp, Pink Floyd.

    Then again, it could be jazz. Brubeck, Dexter Gordon, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Thelonius Monk.

    Not much into classical but I can listen to Mozart if the mood strikes.
  55. I am watching the Graylab...listening for it to go off...working with film and prints is a time for quiet for me...get some peace.
  56. Brad, what a great answer. I didn't think I would ever agree with you on anything. I'm a huge fan of the Sneaker Pimps. Now, the film remark..... :)
  57. I don't think Brad uses any film, but he does listen to Kate Smith.
  58. From the last 48 hour: The Thermals, Hinkley, Brazilian Girls, Cat Power, Stars,
    Antony And The Johnsons, She Wants Revenge, T. Rex, Yo La Tengo, The Hold Steady.
    The Ronettes, Stars of the Lid, Winterpills, Coralie Clement, Francoise Hardy, Lali
    Puna, Pharoh Sanders, Archie Shepp, Donald Byrd, Esbj�rn Svensson Trio, Great Lake
    Swimmers, Ed Harcourt, Villeneuve, King Crimson.
  59. Yeah, Kate Smith used to really bellow...I mean belt out a song, didn't she? :) Someone mentioned Massive Attack earlier. That's another great band. I have a fairly large darkroom where I can move around quite a bit. That's why I like to listen to a lot of techno- anything with an up tempo.
  60. Bachman-Turner Overdrive.
  61. Mostly Baroque - Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Locatelli, Albinioni, and others. Also 19th-20th century Russian - Tsaichovsky, Rimsky-Korsakoff, Borodin, Stravinsky, Rachmaninoff, and others. Add in Chopin piano music. I like some popular music such as Simon and Garfunkel, Charlie Daniels Band and a few others. Johnny Cash is not back. I like the flat pickin' sound. :)
  62. The Meters, Dr. John, Ry Cooder, The new Monk and Trane release, Weather Report, Marcus Roberts, Randy Newman, Blossom Dearie, Frank Zappa, Charlie Haden, Bruce Hornsby, and various classical "standards".
  63. Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, Verdi and others in this genre.
  64. This right now.
  65. My wife complaining
  66. Brad...and others interested...if you're into internet radio...I have found this list of online radio very handy. I've just barely scratched the surface of it, myself.
  67. one thing though...you should probably load up ALL the audio players before you go there. Of course, everybody uses a different player...some I've never heard of before going there too.
  68. <<< ... Leonard Cohen on to cheer things up ... >>> I heard that :)

    I'm mostly a jazz listener. My records are weighted in favor of 60's and 70's Impulse and Atlantic recordings (and yes, they are actually records).

    Several of the r & b and folk names above are also among the musicians I really like.

    Quick anecdote: In late 1976 or early 77, I saw Etta James in a small place, actually a jazz place. She was dangerously overweight and visibly struggling with her health. She'd been in a long and I assume draining battle with a record company (don't recall which one). And she was already not a youngster.

    She sang her butt off.

    I stayed for a very late set. Part of me was worried that she was not long for this world. If you'd have seen her that night, you'd have understood my apprehension.

    Had somebody said to me then: "Relax, you'll be able to see her in concert in 30 years," I'd have told that somebody he was losing it.

    But I smiled when, in the "Washington Post" of just a week or so ago, there was Etta James' picture ... and an announcement of an upcoming date.
  69. I'd love to see Etta. Saw Chaka Khan this summer because my
    girlfriend wanted to see her. Chaka did nothing for me, and
    soon after gf and I broke up. Heh.

    Nobody mentioned Elvis....
  70. Lucinda Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Bob Dylan, Townes van Zandt, Hank Williams, Loretta Lyn, Bruce Springsteen, Mayanne Faithful, Mary Black, Elvis Costello to name a few among many, and spanish/classical guitar, Sergovia and Bream to name two.
  71. theme from Jaws, James Brown, Cream, 1927...etc
  72. Same as Vivek: Absolute silence. Personally, I don't like any sort of background music ever. I love classical music and want always to give it my complete attention. Silence can be beautiful too.
  73. My favorite internet radio station is "Boot Liquor Radio"--mostly alt country. Lately, I've been addicted to Pandora.
  74. For those who lived in Bavaria and miss Bayern 3 :

  75. the decemberists, the arcade fire, she wants revenge, sherwood, rage against the machine, murder by death, the dresden dolls, yeah yeah yeahs, pink floyd, the strokes.

    i do love my creative zen vision.
  76. I love classical music and want always to give it my complete attention.
    Same here, Ollie!
  77. Demo tapes given to me by long-forgotten bands.
  78. mike dixon....thanks.......that pandora thing is awesome

    ...you already cost me the price of 3 CDs............hehe....
  79. Van Morrison live; any time any place.<BR>
  80. Boy, am I off-topic: I don't own a Leica ... and I never stepped foot in no darkroom ... but I'm such a music nut ... that I couldn't resist. What I listen to is ... can you name it? ... "everything in the world you can possibly imagine!"
  81. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

  82. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    I've got five original release Ramones LP's. Actually, I've got hundreds of various artists tucked away. When cd's came out the record shops were flooded with LP's. I've got 11 Pink Floyd originals, A Soucer Full of Secrets was the hardest to get, a few Zep, a few Moody Blues...many bands. Wonder what they're worth?
  83. Why is this on the Leica Forum? Did someone get a free IPod and this justifies such a sucky thread. Oh, well. Moderators have special dispensations :)
  84. OK...i will play. Gregorian Chant. Bollywood. Gospel Bluegrass. Kirin Ahluwahlia. Anyone got a Vernon Oxford CD they want to sell?
  85. king crimson, led zeppelin, bach ( suites for solo cello ).
  86. All of the above, pretty much.
  87. well, Eric, that depends. Just being an LP doesn't really count quite yet...maybe in anothe 20 or 30 years. But, those groups you mention and others, use to put out the first 5000 units with unique covers and such. Is your Atom Heart Mother, Pink floyd a bifold cover? It might be worth something. Do you have Dave Mason's, Alone Together on multi-colored vinyl? that's worth big bucks. Does your Rolling Stones, Her Santanic Majesty's Request have a 3-D cover insert of the picture? Does your CSN&Y Deja Vu have an actual photograph glued to the cover? Does your Jethro Tull Stand Up have little figures of the group that stand up when you open up the bifold cover? And of course, then there are the misprints (Beetles instead of Beatles), the early labels (ie....groups came out on a small label, were "discoverd" and signed to a big label and eventually there older albums were rereleased under that label). Promo's are worth more (actually stamped, stamped and serialized, just the covers, or both the covers and the actual album).

    And don't diss the early CDs either. For a short period of time, when the US couldn't keep up with the demand for certain groups, the Japanese imports of same are now worth money. Pink Floyd's Darkside of the Moon as a Japanese import is worth big money.

    And then there are the VERY odd. Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles as a set of 45's.......a friend of mine has it........$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  88. Thomas,

    You finally brought the thread into the Leica collector mindset fold. Now the thread squarely belongs here! :)
  89. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    Thanks Thomas! I haven't looked at them since the late 80's, all bundled up since I went back to my house and clean out my room once and for all. I can't remember much of the details except thatso many great LP's were ending up in used record stores during the first few years of cd's. Gold mine. Once, I could have bought a living room wall full of shelves and LP's, head to toe, from everything that was top 40 from mid 60's to mid 80's for a few hundred bucks at an estate sale. No where to put it but was able to get a few for $1 a piece of early brit punk/new wave.
  90. Nels.....actually not the collector type. I just bought the stuff because that's what I liked....found out years later that they were worth extra money.

    besides the normal collector's things to look for in the early brit punk/new wave are the EP (Extended Play) 12 inch vinyl. That period was extremely into that type of vinyl. Tones on Tail, Go! on red vinyl EP. OMD had some unique first print LP covers also.

    Jerry Osborne probably puts out one of the best LP collector's guides there are. And by the way....all this is ONLY worth extra to colletors, and in playable condition. If it's scratched just chuck it.
  91. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    "besides the normal collector's things to look for in the early brit punk/new wave are the EP (Extended Play) 12 inch vinyl. That period was extremely into that type of vinyl. Tones on Tail, Go! on red vinyl EP. OMD had some unique first print LP covers also."

    I bought all that stuff fresh, Thomas. I remember opening that Tones Extended LP after reading about it in a month old NME. Spent all our money on LP's. All the "Punk and Disorderly"'s, hardcore, ska, Joy Division/New Order...tons of stuff and our west coast...Great times here 15-22 yrs old with $3 bottles of red....long live ruby red!
  92. heh...sounds like my mis-spent youth....and 20 something....and 30 something....and 40 something..............ummmmm 50s have slowed me down somewhat, however. Bout time, don't ya think?
  93. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    about time? doesn't sound like it. not many 50 something's know TOT, keep it up!
  94. These days about 80% reggae, 5% blues, 5% 70's Rock and 10% Classical <-- where
    that came from I have no idea! :)
  95. If you wiggle Handel, does it wiggle Bach?

    Discuss among yourselves.
  96. Bach, Beatles, The Ramones, Zamfir, Devo, Pink Floyd, Sally Owens "jack rabbit", Polka, Jake and Elwood, The Bats, The Offbeats, The Cure, Duke Ellington, Glen Miller, B52's, Seeing The Motels in a dive bar in Ventura, The girl from Kentwood, Aretha Franklin , (a preacher's daughter from MoTown)
  97. r s

    r s

    Can't sleep so here's my iPod listing by artist:
    Andrea Bocelli<br>
    Ben Folds<br>
    Bob Dylan<br>
    Bruce Springsteen<br>
    Daniel Powter<br>
    David Gray<br>
    Death Cab For Cutie<br>
    Donna Summer<br>
    Dynamite Hack<br>
    Fall Out Boy<br>
    Frank Sinatra<br>
    Green Day<br>
    Gwen Stefani<br>
    Imogen Heap<br>
    James Blunt<br>
    Jamie Cullum<br>
    Jason Mraz<br>
    John Coltrane<br>
    John Hiatt<br>
    Johnny Cash<br>
    Ludwig van Beethoven<br>
    Nina Simone<br>
    Red Hot Chilipeppers<br>
    System of a Down<br>
    Tom Petty<br>
    The White Stripes<br>
    Willie Nelson<br>
  98. Brings back memories! Having a few album covers in your portfolio really impressed people. Showing a little CD cover just couldn't possibly have the impact of the cover for a 12 inch record, and if it opened up to show a 12x24 inch shot inside? Now that was impressive.
  99. I see a couple of people mentioned Jamie Cullum, well I remember reading an interview in a sunday supplement some time ago that he is a Leica user, if I remember correctly it was an M6 pictured.
  100. Eric, Saucer Full of Secrets and Piper at the gates of dawn are my two fav's from PF :)
  101. Is there any that chance any of you old timers remember the song "Can't Find The
    Time" by the band Orpheus? They were a band that made it pretty big back in the
    60's. They also happened to live in the area that I lived in when I was a lad in
    Worcester. They were the hippies moving into the neighborhood. :)


    They also did a song called "Congress Alley" and it depicted life around an old alley in
    the neighborhood. They were a big influence on me. I have recently started to
    correspond with the guy that wrote congress alley, seems that he enjoys street
    photography! :)


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