What Mount Are These Lenses? Please help!

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  1. Dear All,
    I just purchased 3 lenses on Ebay and all the sellers claimed that they are Minolta MD Mount. I also got an Adaptor from China which has no brand and is supposedly for MD-NEX mount. The three lenses appears to have different mounts, please see attached picture, and the adaptor works with one of the lenses.
    Are these 3 lenses all minolta MD mount? if they are then how come only one lens fits the adaptor? Is the adaptor flawed or too small to fit all the MD mount variant lenses?
    If they are not MD mount lenses, then please someone tell me what are they? I have to contact the seller if they are mis-advertising it. It's already almost 14 days since purchase but I just got my adaptor today to try them out........PLEASE HELP!
    Only the Zeznar Lens fits into the adapter but the other two doesn't. The other two seems like the "blades" are too big to fit into the three blade holes.
    This lens does not fit into the adaptor. Back of it is next pic. Seller advertised as MD-Mount.
    This also doesn't fit into the MD-NEX adapter. Seller also advertized as Minolta MD mount.
    back of it see this pic.

    Here is zesnar and it fits into the adapter that I got.
  2. Here is a link describing the Minolta lens mount, prior to the auto focus EOS lenses and cameras:
    To be honest, that last one looks the LEAST like a standard Minolta mount. The other two look to be correct to me.
  3. The Sigma Zoom master on top is a Konica mount. On Konica, the notch in one bayonet ear is nearer to the center, and the notched ear is longer than the other two. Note also the black indexing tab on the back of the aperture ring. A Konica lens will usually also have an aperture ring position that locks it at max aperture, since AE Konicas used shutter priority from the start.
    The Quantaray below looks like Minolta MC mount. Note that the notched bayonet ear is a tiny bit shorter than the other two, and the notch is near the right end. It has two sloped ends. The other two bayonet ears each have one sloped and one 90 degree end, with the two 90 degree ends facing each other. You can see a hint of the indexing boss on the aperture ring just above the notch. If it were an MD there would be another boss on the aperture ring, clockwise from the first. I see none here. You can see that boss on the third lens, the Zesnar, at 9:00 position. It might just be hard to see, but an MD lens should have two bosses on the back side of the aperture ring - the MC boss which operates the meter, and the MD boss which contacts a feeler in the camera only when the lens is set at minimum aperture.
    An MC lens should interchange with an MD just fine, unless your adapter is odd. It just won't inform the camera when it is set at min, aperture, thus not enabling program and shutter priority modes on MD-capable Minolta cameras. Make sure that it's aligned right.
  4. Dear John, Mathew and Les, thank you so much for all of your responses and taking the time to help me out.
    It turns out that, I was able to Quantary lens in as well but it was just more difficult to put it in. So I guess it works.
    Now, the Sigma lens is really not minolta Md/mc mount. Do you guys know what is the right adaptor to buy? I think I searched online it is called the Bayonet II mount....however i don't see people selling adapters for that. I see somewhere people say that's the same as Konica AR mount. so should I get the Konica AR- to NEX mount?

    Thanks again!
  5. Konica and Minolta merged before exiting photography related businesses. There were 35mm AF cameras and accessories as well as some digital cameras which carried the Konica-Minolta name. Konica did not sell 35mm AF SLR cameras or lenses prior to the merger. The confusion exists prmarily because eBay links the Konica and Minolta names in its listngs. This has served to confuse sellers who often show on their auction pages that a particular manual focus lens fits both Konica and Minolta cameras. This is, of course, incorrect.
  6. so should I get the Konica AR- to NEX mount? ​
    Yes, but make sure it really is Konica AR. As Jeff says, there are lots of adapters labeled Konica which are actually Minolta MD/MC, so beware.
  7. A future reference of considerable value is to be found at our own Rick Oleson's page
  8. Thanks Jeff and Donnie, Im going to get a Konica AR now! =)
  9. Thanks JDM!
  10. I have a similar Konica Mount Sigma, possibly a later version with print differently arranged, made in Korea, but otherwise probably the same. Definitely AR is what you want. Judging from mine, this may be the best of the three lenses. Mine is decently sharp in all its range, a good walking-around lens with close focusing a bonus.
    An interesting anomaly of this lens (at least the one I have) is that although it takes a 52 mm. filter and cap, the outer focusing ring is also threaded for 62 mm. You cannot put a filter on this part, but it originally had a 62 mm. hood, allowing you to cap the lens or put filters on without disturbing the hood. If the original hood is missing (it was plastic and easily broken), others may work, but you must always check for vignetting at 35 mm.

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