What model do I have?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by alex_lofquist, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Last night I acquired a classic Minox from an estate for $10! It included an
    extra 50 exposure load (50ASA), in addition to that in the camera. It even had
    a mailer for Minox processing. The date on the film was July 1963. The camera
    body had a serial # of 123 741. It was manufactured in Wetzlar, Germany. The
    date on the owner's manual was 8.56, and distributed by Kling Photo
    Corporation. It seems to work OK and looks great!

    Along with that bonanza, I picked up an Exacta VX IIa in very good condition; a
    Macro-Kilar D f/2.8 4CM; an Angenieux 24mm f/3.5; and a Schneider Tele-Xenar
    135mm f/3.5 all for the Exacta. All that for an additional $10!

    On top of that I got for nothing a GE PR-1 meter and a Kodak Vigilant Six-20
    which has the Kodak Anastigmat Special 100mm f/4.5 (uncoated) mounted in a
    Supermatic shutter 1-400th sec + T&B.

    While there were many other fine items that other people got, these were the
    ones that I wanted. I figure on spending some time cleaning and learning how to
    use them.
  2. You need to tell us what the camera looks like and maybe some photos,
  3. The Interwebs suggest that's a Minox IIIs, from the serial number.

    I'm hideously jealous of your find, by the way.
  4. i would second Stuart ...your camera could be a Minox IIIs,but to be sure you have to post a picture of the item here.Alternatively,you may check www.minox.com and look for the Minox camera tree in the afferent subsection of the menu there.Also you can check the Minox serial numbers on the same site. I am posting two pictures,see if you can ID your item based on them pics.They are a Minox AIIIs and a Minox B. Congratulations for your nice buy! Regards, JT
  5. second camera,a Minox B
  6. Thanks for the pictures. It looks exactly like the first: Minox AIIIs. Now if I can find film for it, and someone to process it. (I got rid of all my darkroom equipment a few years ago.) Of course I might just try the film that came with it. You never can tell how it will turn out even after 30+ years. It certainly is a "cute" camera!
  7. I hate to do this on Photonet, but use this link:


    ... and find your way to Goathill for a good source of film. Cassettes used to be available from MinoxUSA.com. Processing, well, it's expensive, so I used to do it myself.

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