What mm opening for Nikon 150mm enlarging lens?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by doug_theall|2, Mar 10, 2001.

  1. Hi all,
    I need your expert experience again. I just bought a Nikon 150mm enlarging lens and I don't know what size lens board opening it takes to mount it. I had thought it was a 39mm but it is much bigger. In fact I have a 39mm lens board for a Beseler 45M enlarger to trade if needed. Thanks again for all the help you have all given.
  2. The current 150 mm El-Nikkor is designated "A" and has the standard
    39 mm thread. The previous model is also all-black but has scallops
    on the aperture-setting ring. This model has a somewhat unusual
    thread, metric 53 mm dia with 0.75 mm pitch. The lens was sold with a
    flange designed to use with screws to fasten to a flat board. If you
    are missing this flange, or want a threaded lensboard or retaining
    ring, you may have to have it custom machined (e.g., by S.K. Grimes)


    Another tip: the front-most portion of the lens screws off, revealing
    the same 53X0.75 threads, making reverse-mounting of the lens easy
    (assuming one already has the lens mounted).
  3. Best thing to do is measure it across the diameter.
  4. Neil is correct it may be best to measure. My 150mm Nikkor appears to
    be current generation based on the photo at the B&H website although
    it does not have an "A" designation. It came standard with a 50mm to
    39mm adaptor so it can be screwed into either type lens board.
  5. I have one of the 150mm's with the large barrel. I did not have a
    ring either, so I made one, sort of. I mounted the lens on a wooden
    board for a Beseler using a stiff piece of single weight cardboard
    cut so it screws around the lens threads, tightly. You would be
    surprised how strong it is, and way cheap to rebuild. I don't leave
    the lens on the enlarger with it when I am not there, but it has been
    mounted with the cardboard ring for several years now, and is just as
    strong as when first made. I got the idea when I mounted some old
    barrel lenses for a Speed Graphic that were lacking rings. They are
    still tight as well. The cardboard will distort somewhat, but as long
    as the lens barrel is snug against the lens board, it is flat and in
    place just like any other mounting ring would have it. On one of the
    Graphic lenses I managed to cut the wooden board so the lens screws
    directly into the wood, but I did not want to be that tight on the
    Nikkor threads, so the cardboard ring was used instead. I suppose you
    could use plastic too, as long as the ring material is a lot softer
    than the metal lens threads, the metal will just thread its way in
    and not mess up the lens. Play around a bit and you will be surprised
    how good a mount you can get.

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