"What Makes A REAL Photograph" (according to ForesthillFilmLab)

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Is There's Such Thing as Digital Photography?

  1. Yes, photography encompasses both film and digital.

  2. No, photography can only be done on film, light-sensitive paper, and wet/dry plate.

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  1. I like the positive spin you put on it BeBu !

    Digital technology will only improve. He's not a threat to anything. But I am glad that there's enough continuing interest in film that it's still available. Even enough that Kodak is going to bring back Ektachrome which from my standpoint is a good thing.

    I saw Dunkirk in 70mm last night. Fabulous. I still haven't decided on how much I enjoyed the actual story but it was visually stunning. You definitely want to see it on a large screen. If you do decide to see it, it helps if you know the history of Dunkirk. If you don't, you won't understand what's going on.
  2. I'm a millenial, but only just(i.e. if I were a few years older I'd be a Gen-Xer).

    I can remember my sense of wonder when my dad got a digicam-a full 640x480. He used to brag about how many photos he could get on a 16mb memory chip, but that ignored the fact that he got about 50 out of a set of AA batteries.

    When i got seriously into photography, a DSLR was out of reach. Consumer cameras like the dRebel and Nikon D70 were $1K+, while old MF film equipment was cheap and I could get good results.

    Now, I continue to shoot film-all the way up to 4x5-because I enjoy the process. I have digital cameras and have a D800 on lay-a-way now, but I don't see myself giving up film anytime soon. To me, nothing beats a wet print from a Tri-X negative or looking at a well-exposed Velvia on a light table. Still, it's hard to get around the practicality of digital.

    With all of that said, there is a growing "analog" photography movement(a term I detest) that sort of goes hand-in-hand with lomography and is gaining a lot of momentum under young millenials. Granted a lot of them want to cross process expired film and the like, but it's out there. I've been in my local lab when someone came in with oddball "that's a bad idea" requests and have seen the lady who runs it nearly pulling her hair out, but then it keeps the lights on and the E6 line going. The last time I was in there, someone picked up some cross-processed Gold 400 and was giving her the run around that all the colors were off(as if you could see through the orange mask, which he thought should "disappear" on cross processing) and that her "developing machine" must be a piece of junk-fortunately I was able to diffuse it at least a bit with a couple of rolls of Velvia that had been run that same day.
  3. I guess I do not care about his shirt, pants and stuff. I do not know about the projectile thing or what you are talking about. I just do what I know how to do and do not care about the opinion of others. It's just taking photos is all. . Mostly I want nice family photos and I achieve that. I did buy a 10 stop ND filter and I have been playing with that around the coastline. It's been fun trying out something different.
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  4. Photograph is a combination of two greek words, - the first meaning light, the second meaning drawing. So we have light-drawing. I love that!

    Is a digital image not a light-drawing? I don't know that it's any less of one than a traditional photographic print. In any case, the meaning of words change over time and are often are still applied to new technologies even when the name was based on the old. For example, the expression "Set Sail" has come to mean to "embark on a voyage by ship". It doesn't matter that most modern ships no longer have sails to be set.

    There are people that insist that you can't be a "film maker" unless your movie was shot on film. They're being pedantic, and if one were to be generous, you could say Travis is too.
  5. In cases like this I like Wikipedia's definition and without further discussion say:"Put a cork in it!"
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  6. Its all fake news!

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