What lubrificant for 3038 Ballhead

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by hique, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. I'm having problem with my old 3038 bogen ballhead.

    It's sticking a lot. It used to be sticky but now that it was exposed
    to a lot of dirt and sand it is locking frequently.

    Today I was only able to unlock it with a hammer! (really)

    The manfrotto's support guy advised me to send it to repair but I
    can't do it everytime it gets dirty.

    What lubrificant or grease would you recommend to use it in this
    ballhead? I would hope a sort of grease would help it against locking.

  2. Try the WD-40. It helps to loosen the rusty parts and to prevent moisture among other functions. If your ballhead is too sticky, then after spraying WD-40 and leave it for few minutes, use a cloth to wipe out the sticky things. You have to repeat it until you don't feel the stickiness with your ballhead. Then spray a final time (a thin layer can do) for protection purpose.

    Happy New Year & shooting!
  3. "It used to be sticky but now that it was exposed to a lot of dirt and sand it is locking frequently"

    I would advise you to dissemble & clean the moving parts before using any lube. It is always tempting to apply lube but be aware that it will also allow dirt to stick. Run your heads dry & keep'em clean. I pull an old sock over the head.
  4. I would advise you not to use WD-40. WD-40 is mostly a solvent for dissolving old crud and washing it out, with a very very light thin oil that stays behind - but not for long. The oil attracts more dirt and you're in a vicious cycle. same with any kind of grease.

    Clean thorougly with a good solvent, dry, then lube with a dry lube like White Lightning or powdered graphite. you can get these at bike stores.
  5. Yes, Curt is correct in pointing out the actual procedures before apply the lubricant since you found dirt and sand with your ballhead (just overlooked the "sand" issue).

    It is all right to use WD-40. See the faq from Markins (which is more details) at http://www.markins.com/2.0/eng/faq.html

    Hope it helps.
  6. get and aerosol de-greaser. Something that would be used for cleaning electronics or guns. You could probably get this at the gun section of target or walmart. Or more expensively at a electronics supplier. I have used something called "blue shower" but it is expensive and I try to save that for things like shutter governors. Spray the thing out real good and move it around while doing this. you could also take it apart but that may not be necessary if you can manage to spray the thing out well. this will remove all the old lube and foreign matter, is fun, and easy. then you could sparingly use a small paint brush to apply a thin layer of synthetic grease or use graphite type lube. I have never used any graphite lube so I am not sure exactly how that would work, but i know sparinly aplied grease would work fine. check with the ballhead manufacturer about necessary lube. Also perhaps NO lube is necessary, try using it just totally clean.

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