What lenses to get for my new Minolta srt 101

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  1. I have recently got a Minolta srt101 and I wanna get some extra lenses. What would you guys suggest on lenses and where to get them?
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  2. What kinds of things do you want to shoot?
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  3. What lens did it come with? I would try and find prime Minolta Rokkor lenses rather than those made by third parties. Perhaps look for a 28mm or 35mmm wide angle, and a 135mm telephoto. Zoom lenses from that area tend to be variable in quality, to say the least, and more subject to haze than the simpler primes.
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  4. I want to shoot both landscapes and portraits
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  5. MC and MD Rokkors are equally functional on an SRT. All the midrange lenses are good - the 45/50/55/58. I’ve had them all. The 58s are particularly good for shots of people. The 135/2.8 and 100/2.5 are excellent. I don’t know the wides as well so I’ll let others comment. I got by with a 28/2.8 Vivitar for years.
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  6. I haven't used an SRT in years but they're great cameras, as are the Rokkors. I tend to like wide lenses for landscapes. I know there's a 24 mm f/2.8 that gets good reviews. 28 mm is more popular but every time I use a 28 I wish it were a 24. For portraits 85 and 100 mm are handy. Doubt you'll want to spring for the Varisoft. Good site here- The Rokkor Files - Minolta Lens Reviews

    I'd go for Minolta, but those fixed mount Vivitars are quite good and shouldn't cost much.

    As for where to get things, eBay will have the most but is sort of a crap shoot on condition. KEH is highly recommended.
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  7. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    In theory the general argument would go for you to acquire MD rather than MC Lenses, but, a well looked after MC should still give you pleasure: I think that the theorists worry about the (generally inferior) coatings on the (earlier) MC Lenses.

    But if you’re getting into fine details there are other matters, especially DESIGN variations (read "performance variations") which are present between one set of the same or similar lenses. It depends how fussy you want to be.

    If you want a fun kit to make good photos, then I suggest you look for three Prime lenses in good condition and at a fair price – the set would comprise: 24 or 28; and 45 or 50 or 55 or 58; and 85 or 100 or 135.

    If you want to be more selective, then my experiences are -

    I concur that all the 50/55/58mm are good. Personally, the 58/1.2 is my favourite and was my favourite lens for a long time.

    When I bought the MC ROKKOR 1:1.7 f=85mm, it became most used lens for Portraiture at the time. It has a delicate softness wide open and is very sharp at F/2.8 – you either like that, or not: it mimics the 58/1.2 in this mannerism and also seems to now have developed a fan club following similar to the 58/1.2. This lens NEEDS to be used with a Lens Hood. There is an MD version of the 85/1.7, it’s a bit sharper, but (anecdotally) not as well liked by those using the lens for Portraits. (At the right on the 303b sans lens hood)

    I have been very happy with my 28/3.5, yet I do understand yearning for a 24mm. There are variants of the 28/3.5, the nomenclature of mine is: MINOLTA MC W ROKKOR –SG 1:3.5 f=28mm, mentioned because again there are variants of this lens. (In the middle on the X700).

    I also agree that the 45/2 is an handy lens, (and as an alternative to the 50/55/58 clan) especially if you’re not necessarily into sourcing a “fast” Standard Lens. (At the far left)

    I’d generally suggest avoiding the zooms, though will make mention of the 35~70 F/3.5, mine still works fine and I can say that the quality of my lens (for its day) is very good. (At the left on the XG2).

    My MD version of the 135/2.8 is an excellent lens and I believe also now has a similar fan club following to the 58/1.2.


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  8. SCL


    One of the features of the Rokkor lenses is that Minolta designed them so that they, across the line, had similar color transmission characteristics. I still have mine and usually bring them out in the fall when colors are most prevalent. As far as recommendations for specific lenses go, I'd chose any in the 50mm range over the 45...which is small by comparison, but IMHO the 50mm range lenses seem better constructed. If I was building a usable base inexpensively, I'd get a 28, one in the 50 range, and a 135. Some are collector's items and some are highly sought after for special characteristics, and therefore expensive...and as you're just starting out, I'd avoid those...good clean run of the mill Rokkors should provide you with wonderful results. Although I bought all of mine on Ebay, I've been a knowledgeable lens purchaser for years, so for you, I second the idea of using KEH which has excellent service and return policies, and is generally very conservative in their lens rating.
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  9. I only have 1 minolta an srt201 with the 50mm 1.7 that was given to me.it takes beautiful pictures.but recently just picked up a vivitar 35-70 macro zoom in brand new condition for 25 bucks.i like taking close ups of flowers and sorts so I took a chance.i know many here are not fond of zoom lenses but it fit my budget and my fancy. Listen to these folks as they have been doing it a lot longer than I. 20200527_113924.jpg
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  10. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Not necessarily a criterion.

    As mentioned "It depends how fussy you want to be ... to get the pleasure you want.

    You're having fun - that's all the criteria you need, and thanks for sharing.

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  11. Lots of sound advice here, but I'd also point you at The Rokkor Files - Minolta Lenses Index where there are reviews of many of the lenses that pair with the SRT series. To add my own tuppence worth, I like the 200mm F4.
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  12. The MC W.Rokkor 28 2.5 metal knurl (watch the yellow) slap a skylight 1b on it for color, leave it off for b&w gives you a totally unique lens for landscapes, and a great portrait lens on M4/3 if you ever adapt? They should be sharp and have excellent resolution, or find another sample. Mine looks great on my SRT101.
    An MC-X 28 2.8 looks like it was invented to look good on a black body XE-7..... 24's are expensive and probably worth it because the Minolta 24 is stellar, so consider a zoom in the 28-85 range for your needs....you can't go wrong with most 28-85's and it covers your needs and more?
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