What lens should i use for fashion shoot?

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  1. Shooting a fashion show in a Restaurant/lounge. The lighting is not so great, i am using Canon Rebel XTi with 580
    flash on top. I am shooting from a relative close distance..runway is L- shaped and I will be standing as close or as
    far as I want. Max distance is about 10 meters!
    What else would i need ideally?
    What lens do you recommend?!

    Thank you for your responses,
  2. 17-55 or 24-70 if you want zooms, but I'd go for a 35 f/2.
  3. Hi Elyas,

    From 10 meters a 35mm even on a 1.6 crop factor camera is going to be a bit short but it really depends on what kind of image you want, head and shoulders, waist up, full length, two models full length, full length and background etc,

    Another flash would be good especially if you can mount it near the runway, two more would be even better. Multi flash setups are a steep learning curve though so practice. If possible go to the rehearsal to get a practice as well as a feel for the cloths, their reflectance, and the models too, as well as lighting and angles, exposure etc.

    Traditionally runway photographers have used telephoto lenses to keep out of the way and because the tele gives no distortion to the models or the clothes, the 200 f1.8 is a real pro runway special and very popular on full frame. So an 85 or 100 on your XTi would not seem over kill to me. Mock up the range and use a friend to see how your frame is filled. Also wide angle shots looking up are very unflattering in the modelling field so you might need some height to level you with the models.

    Have fun, Scott.
  4. Some times it can be tight in these places and we`ve been down as far as a Sigma 15 30, the 17 55 2.8 should be ok if too close, or a prime and just concentrate on on end if you can`t backup.
  5. Forgot, mostly we use 24 70 f2.8, but normally one end walkway :)
  6. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    > I will be standing as close or as far as I want. Max distance is about 10 meters <

    On an APS-C body the 24 to 70 F2.8L and on Camera Bounce or Diffused Flash would be a simple set up.

    Work at about 5 metres from the longest point, at an elevation near level to the Models and you will have enough FoV to get FL and Tight shots within that zoom`s compass.

    The 24 on an APS-C will not cause too much distortion and the 70mm end will give great compression and separation

    I suggest a second body, and on it a WA, perhaps the EF-S 10 to 22, to get those arty wide all encompassing shots, and for system redundancy, should your main body fail, and on it have your second Flash unit.

    Rather than multiple Flash Heads (fine if you are experienced in their deploy and execution), you could be creative with a bit of Shutter Drag to include the ambient, especially with some wide shots, and or the group.

    Knowledge of runway protocol is very important: the entry; the pose; the walk; the stop; the pose; the turn; the retreat . . . the repeat with the other models of that set: then the set of models, either singularly or in pairs.

    That is pretty standard for me . . . you should investigate the specific choreography prior to the event.

  7. thank you all for your responses!

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