What kind of pictures do you like to look at on Facebook?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by unrealnature, Sep 8, 2016.

    1. overhead shot of what someone had for dinner or lunch that day
    2. DiY projects ("do-it-yourself" projects)
    3. mishaps of all kinds
    4. people trying to make themselves look like movie stars (studly poses for men, and duck-face for women, in particular)
    I am not being sarcastic; I really do enjoy those kinds of pictures on Facebook, especially what's-for-dinner shots.
    What do I really not like to look at? These just bore me silly on Facebook:
    1. 'serious' photography
    2. pets, children, flowers looking 'normal,' healthy and happy
    Given that the latter, especially 1., is the kind of photography that I love and have committed much of my life to, what do you think is going on? What is 'Facebook photography'?
  1. What is 'Facebook photography'?
    Facebook photography is probably nothing more than pictures to facilitate a few words to let friends know what's going on.
    I have a friend on Facebook whose daughter is in Africa doing humanitarian work after graduation, so she posts photos in order to keep us up to date.
    Another friend hosts a poetry reading night every first Monday of the month at a local restaurant - from time-to-time I'll be asked to take a few pictures of the event for her to post on Facebook so the gang can be updated if they can't attend, and for publicity to hopefully interest more people to participate.
    Those of us on PN know what real photography is for the most part and usually won't go on Facebook looking for it, so my attitude is, whatever others want to do on a social site will be just fine by me and is frankly none of my business, especially if I don't know them.
    As a spectator, as I am on YouTube, here, or a few other sites, I'm just glad people are posting content so I can pick and choose what to view or read that interests me.
  2. It seems I'd place myself between Michael and yourself in
    that I am a little more judgemental of fb photos than
    Michael and a little less than yourself. I only go on for
    some specific reason and rarely browse for
    amusement...much like mainstream "News" actually.

    And in many ways, fb has become my pnet off-topic forum;) I like to have intelligent debates with anonymous diverse people, different or like minded on various topics...political or otherwise.

    As for photos, I use them to learn how to identify and do stuff mostly.
  3. SCL


    Not on Facebook, but occasionally, with my daughter & son-in-law & grandkids, we look at pictures of common interest posted there....relatives and common friends, veterinary stuff and dog training info (daughter is presently putting together a video for a big upcoming show for breeders).
  4. I dropped out of Facebook in June so I could restructure my social media 'presence'. I'm very open about what people want to post up. Almost anything, since I'm a very visual person. I think of FB as a 'slice of life'. Especially since 1/2 my friends are from other countries. I do take issue with people who do a new 'selfie' every few days. Or poorly done cell phone shots with blown-out highlights. Please, if you aspire to be a photographer, get a camera. I do plan to get back to FB next spring, but the focus will be on photography. pun intended.
  5. I hate to say it but I don't care for any of them generally. Just not much on FB that I find of interest. I think I am becoming a curmudgeion.

    Rick H.
  6. It doesn't matter to me. Whatever people post I look at. There are numerous groups devoted to street photography but I generally avoid them. These days I'm really enjoying the photos of our two illustrious presidential candidates that accompany political comments.
  7. Having thought about this since yesterday, I think the difference, for me, between Facebook photos and, say photo books or web sites or gallery presentations, is that Facebook is live, ongoing. It's like a conversation; you don't expect, or want either yourself or whoever you're talking to to already have completed speech in mind. If someone gave me the Gettysburg Address in the middle of a telephone conversation, I don't think I'd like it. I would at least be pretty confounded.
    Good Facebook pictures are in-the-process, open-ended; they're being formed as I look or as the visual dialogue is happening. They're unfinished, they're spontaneous, they're unfolding and highly responsive.
    Good photography elsewhere is made; it's complete, it's done (it's beautiful!).
  8. I'm not sure if all the photos
    are incomplete, as Julie says. I
    think some are post processed and
    completed to be shown (especially
    by photogs). However, I do agree
    in the sense that conversations
    (words) are left uncompleted or
    unfinished most of the time
    imo...people just things go
    undone, I suppose. They just
    scroll to the bottom, to be
    unseen. Not an aspect I
    particularly like. Things get
    trendy and a day or two later, it
    can't be found, lost in the
    ether...That bugs me.
  9. I don't use facebook. I agree with Julie it's more a conversational approach. The feeling I get is similar to conversations I overhear on the train when I commute or looking at images of an acquaintance's vacation, specifically, "why should I care". Largely I don't. I don't care what other people are doing, where they're going, what they're eating, what opinions they have on whatever. I suppose I'm an odd duck in this regard given the popularity of the site. Less "social" than some. My wife is fully addicted to it and especially is fond commiserating with her "friends", viewing baby animal photo/videos, religious fantasies, and right-wing nationalism (often confused as patriotism). Whatever. I see all of this as a waste of precious life minutes. Different strokes.
  10. Whatever. I see all of this as a waste of precious life minutes. Different strokes.
    Photo.net patrons will much prefer to waste precious life minutes here than on Facebook.
  11. Some Facebook pages are devoted to photography as well as cameras. When photos get posted, they are not always trivial or mundane. And not more, over time, than the grab bag that shows up on our Critique Forum. If I post a photo on my Facebook page it is one that I have cropped and played with in PhotoShop. On the other hand, some of my family in the big mainland take photos that I am glad to have and see the kids growing up. Even if I have to download and run them through a levels and contrast enhancer. I am glad to have snaps of people. Occasionally snaps of a picnic group having fun. Documents of life and no pretense at anything more than fun stuff... I am not really interested in the food photos, got to say. I mean I eat a spartan diet most days. Do not need thank you to be tempted by a crumb crust blueberry cobbler topped with a mound whipped cream. But that does give me an idea for dessert, yummy..
  12. Photo.net patrons will much prefer to waste precious life minutes here than on Facebook.​
    Indeed. The topical narrowness suits my limited concentration levels and misanthropic nature. As a bonus, I occasionally learn something about photography.
  13. Sorry, Julie, I don't do Facebook. I spend enough time on PN.
  14. I click 'like' every time I see a meme with a baby animal. I just can't
    get enough of those.

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