What is your recommended best photography app for an iphone?

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  1. I have never used an app for photography before. Do you have a recommended app?
    Thank you.
  2. Depends on what you mean the app to do.
    I never felt a need to replace the camera app with one with more or less options than the default one. For quick editing photos on my smartphone, I use Photoshop Express, which works fine for me. There are plenty others, but I like PS Express as it's more a swiss army knife than a one trick pony.
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  3. No idea about iPhones, but if anybody is interested, for Android I use Open Camera, which I like a lot! Operating System is LineageOS.

    Other photo related apps I have installed are Image Crop and Photo Editor. Image Crop I use occasionally, Photo Editor very rarely, but it's quite full featured. Curves are fairly important for me. On the rare occasion I do need it, it comes in very handy!
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  4. Is there a way to control the aperture or do phone cameras always shoot wide open? Thanks!
  5. The iphone has a fixed wide open aperture (similar to Minox sub-miniatures) Considering the gazillion of pixels cramped on an ultra tiny sensor diffraction should kick in immediately.
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  6. On the rare occasions I take pics on my Android phone I use Snapseed, which as plenty of options.
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  7. Also liked Snapseed for Android. Now have iPhone and haven't found one I like.
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  8. For me, the critical app is the camera app itself. I used 645 Pro for a few years when it came out, then switched to PureShot when the developer (jag.gr) introduced it as the next generation. These are very sophisticated apps that really let you get the most from the device. I also have SlowShutterCam for long exposures and NightCap for low light use. Moment Pro and Halide are 2 more very nice camera apps, and I'd be very happy with ProCam 5 or its successor PC6. But I'm at equilibrium with Pure for most shooting & haven't been motivated to switch.

    I have the PS suite for iPhone (Express, Mix, Fix, and Lightroom CC). They're free, so I see no reason not to have them - and as a result, I use PSE a fair amount. And Snapseed is very useful, e.g. for posting on PDN because it downsizes large images.
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  9. +1 for Snapseed.
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  10. I really like the camera app in the phone, but I'm also a Snapseed fan.In addition to those I have Slow Shutter, Lightroom CC, and ProCam (it lets you shoot RAW). To be honest though, since getting the XS I've mainly been using the camera app and have been experimenting with the camera itself, without any other apps. Once I learn its strengths and limitations, I'll go back to using the other apps.
  11. I have now downloaded Snapseed to my phone. Thanks.
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  12. After I got rid of all my digital equipment (an X1 only kept to use when I go out with my family---they have no patience for film photography), I started shooting with the iPhone more frequently. Then I installed various apps that looked more sophisticated than the native iPhone app. My experience until now is this:
    1. Nothing can replace a good compact digital (let alone a more serious one): lens, pixel size, software, etc. count a lot.
    2. The jpegs from the native app are better "keepers" than the RAW and TIFF from the other apps. I assume the main factor is the software used by the Apple in their app.
    3. The time required to adjust the ISO, speed, etc. for a particular scene defies the readiness in smartphone photography.
    4. To get a good result, post-processing on the computer is unavoidable.

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