What is wrong with a $772 D90 from Walmart?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by owen_farmer, May 10, 2010.

  1. Walmart appears to be selling D90 body for about $80 less than B&H. This is supposed to include shipping. I've seen conflicting info on whether a NJ sales tax will be charged.
    Anyone have some experience buying a DSLR from Walmart?
    Also, does it matter where the camera is manufactured. China, for instance. Thanks.
  2. There's nothing inherently wrong with items sold by Walmart. All D90's that Nikon intended for the US market (e.g., not gray market) are created equal. (The gray market ones are the same cameras without warranties.) I don't think Walmart does gray market. They're all made in the same factories.
  3. Owen -
    Nikon manufactures all or most of their consumer DSLR's in China - so - no - that doesn't matter.
    Walmart, Target.... They're all the same as far as buying electronics - Nikon doesn't do anything different or special for the DSLR's that they sell to them vs B and H or Adorama.
  4. surprise! wal-mart sells nikon!
    it would be the same camera as you'd buy at B&H -- not "grey" market or whatever. i don't keep tabs on sales volume, but i imagine wal-mart sells a lot of nikons.
    you might lose on the sales tax, however. i think that because they operate in all 50 states, wal-mart must charge sales tax.
  5. If NJ has a sales tax, you'll be paying it.
  6. ShunCheung

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    Nikon manufactures all or most of their consumer DSLR's in China - so - no - that doesn't matter.​
    I am not aware that Nikon manufactures any SLRs in China, be it digital or film. They do make certain lenses such as the 10-24mm/f3.5-4.5 AF-S DX and some accessories such as the SB-600 flash in China.
    As far as I know Nikon only makes DSLRs in Japan and Thailand. All D90 should be manufactured in their Thailand factory.
    You probably want to double check with WalMart that their D90 is not gray market. You can also check with B&H and see whether they can match WalMart's price. Since WalMart has stored in New Jersey, I assume that they have to charge you sales tax even though you mail order.
  7. I don't know how much these prices fluctuate, but as I type this B&H has the body for $769.95 with free shipping and Walmart.com shows $771.66. Even without the $1.71 advantage B&H has over Walmart, I'd go with B&H.
  8. Nothing wrong - same kit / body.
    I had bought mine from Wally's online store earleir this year when they had 20% bing cashback going, they got me sale and J&R lost it... even though wally had tax for me in NJ... they beat J&R's price.
    However, there are may people who in their own right do not buy from there... their call :)
  9. Shun -
    My mistake - I was reading quickly -
    My guess is that the person who set the online entry up for Walmart just made an assumption and went with it and no one has bothered to call them on it.
    I wouldn't worry too much about Walmart selling counterfeit or grey-market...
  10. ShunCheung

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    I just checked B&H. They are selling the D90 body for $789.95, but you need to add it into your "shopping cart" to see that price.
    Nikon has this "minimum advertising price" rule. Stores are not supposed to list any price below that for each item. Some stores do not care of that rule but B&H follows it. That is why you see a higher price when you merely visit their web page. When you add it to the cart, you'll see the actual price.
    Incidentially, once even B&H messed up and sold some gray-market Nikon DSLRs; they corrected it quickly. But for stores that do not specialize in photo equipment, I would double check. Whether double checking really helps or not I cannot say for sure. For example, a lot of people got gray D80 bodies from newegg.com a few years ago, although NewEgg is reliable for computer hardware.
  11. Actually in every case I know about, even the gray market cameras are the same. It's just that you can't get warranty work from the US Nikon establishment.
    In more than 50 years of buying new cameras, I have never yet needed any warranty service (Although Nikon did once replace an FB-8 case for me out of "warranty" when its plastic cover went to pieces on me).
  12. ShunCheung

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    It's just that you can't get warranty work from the US Nikon establishment.​
    Unfortunately, it is more than that. Nikon USA simply will not (knowingly) fix any gray-market Nikon products, under warranty or not. For example, if you accidentally drop your camera and it requires repair, you are out of luck even though you are willing to pay for repair. If it is something e.g. Authorized Photo Service or other 3rd-party repair shop can repair, you are still fine. In case it is something only Nikon USA can fix or has parts, it can be an issues.
    Moreover, if you try to sell it in the future, any educated buyer will check whether it is gray or not for those same reasons.
    I would take a chance and buy gray if you could somehow save 30% or more, but if the difference is small, you need to decide whether it is worthwhile. B&H does not sell any gray Nikon DSLRs, except that once they messed up internally.
  13. WOW, what a price drop. I paid only a little less for my refurb. That said, yes, you should NEVER buy a gray market camera, they will NOT fix it for love or money. And yes, if you are buying from Wal-Mart you WILL be required to pay sales tax.
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    There are a couple of factors. You might notice that the US dollar has finally appreciated a bit against the yen. If that trend continues, you'll gradually see some rebates. Additionally, like the D700, the D90 was announced in the summer of 2008. The two-year mark is approaching soon. Regradless of whether there will be a successor, any "old" DSLR will have to be cheaper to stay competitive.
  15. In an honest business the sales tax evasion is moot.
    To the amateur here skirting state sales taxes seems to be the norm; since it is mentioned so much.
    Actually if one buys a camera from an out of state vendor most all states require one to pay your local sales tax; ie use tax.
    Your ARE required to pay this; but most here do not; ie tax evasion.
    Thus one probably should not really brag about speeding; robbing banks; stealing; tax evasion on a public forum; who knows who is lurking.
    Plus one has competitors; ex-employees; local stores that can squeal on your business if one boasts of using bootleg software; not paying sales taxes; overcharging folks; submitting false invoices to local governments; counterfeiting; ie any non legit ; illegal business practice.
  16. Nikon USA simply will not (knowingly) fix any gray-market Nikon products, under warranty or not.
    Some people complain of this but Nikon's marketing and pricing depends on regional sales and conditions. If they undertake marketing of, servicing or doing anything with their cameras out of region, they subject themselves to the out of region rules. That will translate into blended pricing additional responsibility and costs which will likely lead to higher prices and so on.
  17. If you're a bing cashback type, you might get a few % back that way as well, try keywords hdmi, hdtv, or wii console to see what your % back from bing might be.
  18. And the price continues to fall, at amazon a D90 body is available from them for $764.86 ...
  19. Ask the person at the camera counter to tell you about the features of the camera. Will they be able to help you after the purchase when you have questions? Then ask yourself what's wrong with buying this camera from Walmart. Price does NOT equal value.
  20. i'd go with amazon.com --- free shipping. and i think you get away with tax, not sure.
  21. Call up a NYC camera order line and talk to them about your fine art photos of cats; soccer; sunsets etc. See how many seconds/minutes they will tolerate this handholding.
    A Walmart employee has to deal with your fine fart talk about photography; your endless questions about stuff. A NYC dealer will not spend 1/2 hour talking about cat and fine fart stuff; so you go to a local place. Neither a NYC dealer or Walmart is going to spend gobs of time on you about the cameras bowels deep on the menu; ie fine fart modes; your feelings

    the trouble is there are NOT ANY EXPERT LOCAL CAMERA STORES ANYMORE!
    Thus unless one has a time machine; there is *NO* local place for most of us to buy cameras; FILLED with EXPERTS.
    that died off 1/4 century ago.

    The mom and pop camera stores; folks here have killed off. Folks here did the weekend warrior gig; you bought the item from Mom&Pop Local camera store; used it for two days then returned it. They you bought the item out of state to save some money; and evade state taxes too. Then when you want to understand how to change the battery or change a cameras mode; you run to the nipple; ie mom&pop camera, Now you cry and whine because their is often no local camera outfit to abuse; use as a doorstop; get free rentals.

    The fact today is many of us have *no local expert camera stores anymore* ; and one really cannot expect a local Walmart ; Office Depot; Best Buy to be versed about a cameras menu details; or expect a NYC dealer to hold your hand for 1/2 hour about the basics either.

    To find anybody versed about details anymore about cameras requires one live in a giant city like NYC or have a lone remaining local MOM& POP were one has to pay more.

    Johns comment of:

    "Ask the person at the camera counter to tell you about the features of the camera. Will they be able to help you after the purchase when you have questions? Then ask yourself what's wrong with buying this camera from Walmart. Price does NOT equal value."
    seems like a Rip Van Winkle comment;

    most places TODAY have had no local camera stores were somebody knows something about cameras for about 10 to 20 years; some places 25 years.
  22. We have a place here in Birmingham that has been here since the 70's. I've been going their as suggested by my photo professors recommendation and they are excellent and eager to help.
  23. We have a local independent camera store here in Northern Virginia. Ace Photo in Ashburn. They're hands on, helpful, know their products, and yes, in many cases charge more than you'd pay a NY dealer for the same item. But there's value in being able to see and hold an expensive piece of equipment before purchasing it.
  24. I will be going to either B&H ($789.95) or Adorama ($769.95). These are the "in cart" prices. I don't know why Eric saw a lower price at B&H. I will also be buying a Nikon 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR AF-S DX lens (USA warranty). I am assuming that I don't need an extended warranty on the lens but that it is a good idea for the camera. B&H offers a 3 year SageMax plan for $128, while Adorama offers a 3 year Mack warranty for $40. I expect that the latter would be sufficient. Thanks for the help.
  25. Yes, yes, I did somewhat understate the liability of buying gray market. I very definitely agree with the strictures about it not being worth the problems unless you are saving a wad of cash.
    As it turns out, the few occasions where I have needed service have been non-warranty, and the maker-approved repairs I have got have been satisfactory, so it wouldn't have mattered in those cases if the equipment were (subjunctive case) gray.
    Actually, probably the only way these days to buy "gray" and get significant dollar savings is to purchase directly from Asia, becoming the importer yourself. This is feasible in some cases precisely because of the artificial low setting of the Yuan in relation to the US Dollar.
    In buying US gray imports in the last several years (with poor exchange rates etc), the difference in price is often only a few dollars and it is not really worth it.
    I don't think any "extended warranty" is really worth what it costs. Electronic gear fails early or it goes on practically forever and much these days is purely electronic.
  26. Nikon in the UK are offering £60 cashback on the D90 - when they do this it's often a sign that the model is about to be replaced. Maybe some of your suppliers are taking this into account in their pricing...
  27. owen, make sure you pay your taxes, :)
    sorry shun, i just can't help it.
    you may delete this post.
  28. Actually, I worked for a company that was audited for sales tax. States do this, and it's a real mess.
    From then on, we were much more careful about filing that sales tax paperwork and paying for stuff we bought from B&H and such places.
  29. ShunCheung

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    I don't think it is a good idea to discuss engaging in illegal activities, such as tax evasion, on this forum.
    As usual, if you cannot be helpful to the OP or at least be helpful to a related question posted to this very thread, not posting is always an option and likely be the better option.
  30. Sorry for the slight hi-jacking of this thread, but consider this:
    I have lived most of my life in Greece, where I've bought most of my Nikon equipment. Say I travel for business to US and one of my cameras has an issue. Why wouldn't Nikon USA fix it? I am not saying fixing for free, but simply fix it? What kind of crap is that? Hasn't Nikon taken my hard-earned cash when I bought the camera? Aren't they obliged to fix my camera if I am willing to pay for it or for free if it is still under warranty?
    And of course, the same is true for you Americans coming over to Europe. What happens if some of your equipment fails?
    I believe those separations are totally stupid and the manufacturers should be urged to reconsider them.
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    From Nikon USA's point of view, a gray-market item is one that is imported into the US via an alternative importer and sold in the US. In other words, it is a competing product that denies Nikon USA's profit. That is why they are hostile to it and tries to discourage it.
    If you buy a Nikon camera elsewhere and have a receipt for it from another country, that is not gray market and Nikon USA will fix it for a fee.
  32. I have a strong feeling that OP's question has been answered and the thread is moving towards irrelevant discussion about tax fraud etc.

    Shun - an we please close it now ?
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    Our preferred way is to let the posts onto a thread die down "naturally." A lot of the moderating happens in the background and not very noticeable.
    Unfortunately, sometimes threads get off to a tangent and turn into heated debates, such as Canon vs. Nikon, film vs. digital, still image vs. video ... or some off topic issues about religion, social issues or international conflicts. Or sometimes people get mixed up and post to previous Wednesday image threads. In those situation we may decide to close certain threads, but we try to avoid that as much as we can (except for the Wednesday threads, which we close on the following Tuesday on a regular basis).
  34. There is absolutely nothing "wrong" with a D90 from Walmart.
    I purchased my D90 and 35mm1.8 from them a few months ago when bing.com was running their 25% cashback.... that was a great deal...
    Camera and lens are new and function as advertised.
  35. I am not saying that Nikon makes slightly different cameras for Walmart... Electronics companies do make products just for Walmart that appear to be identical but is slightly different in a way that most consumers will not notice. Take a close look at the televisions they sell.
    Perhaps the Walmart bound cameras were not QC as well to save money. Nikon has integrity but Walmart is a powerful retailer and calls the shots on pricing.
  36. ShunCheung

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    I am not saying that Nikon makes slightly different cameras for Walmart... Electronics companies do make products just for Walmart that appear to be identical but is slightly different in a way that most consumers will not notice. Take a close look at the televisions they sell.
    Perhaps the Walmart bound cameras were not QC as well to save money. Nikon has integrity but Walmart is a powerful retailer and calls the shots on pricing.​
    CO, you are merely making some totally baseless remarks to generate doubts out of nothing. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Nikon makes an inferior version of the D90 or another camera and sells it at some discount store. If you dislike Walmart and/or Nikon, you are entitled to your opinions, but that does not entitle you the right to generate some baseless doubts.
    If you indeed are "not saying that Nikon makes slightly different cameras for Walmart," you should not have made this post at all.
  37. Agreed. Nikon doesn't let two classes of D90's ship from their factories. Nikon is Nikon, wherever you buy it it's a quality product.
  38. (1) At Walmart some consumer items have a variant made for them which really might be non functional. Thus the with LAN cards; routers the Walmart box might have a "free" 7 foot LAN cable thrown in and there is a "free 7 foot lan cable" sticker under shrink wrap. Or if one goes across the street to Office Depot; the exact same lan card or router did not have the freebie cable; and it cost slightly more too.
    (2) With some other routers and switches; the boxed item inside was the same; but the box has a "WM" in front of the boxes part number; and the instructions had another extra simple instruction sheet for Joe Six pack. Thus Walmarts Buyers add force the vendor to have better instructions; to reduce returns. The added WM also reduces folks buying product from Office depot on fire sale; and returning it to Walmart and pocketing the difference.

    ****RE CO's comment about TVs':

    This making a slightly different model number for *TV's* is at least 1/3 century old. One can have a Sears; Kmart, Joes TV; Frys; Pacific Stereo; or J C Penny version of RCA XL100 TV. Then if Joes TV says they will beat any price in town; it is impossibe; for only they sell that model RCA XL 100 color TV. That is why a Sams Photo Facts repair manual has 3 dozen model numbers for one RCA XL100 color TV; they are all the same except for the grill cloth; knob color; a few slight things for each vendor. Joes TV can run a legal advert and say they have the lowest price on a RCA XL 100 TV' and their custom model number is in the advert. If you fine one cheaper at Sears; Joes TV will not honor it; it is a different model. This goes back to at least the 1960's or before.
    (3) In old dialup modems and CD burners and sound cards the Walmart version often had a CD driver disc that hand more drivers; going back to win 3.11 in sound cards; maybe win98 for the burner. Again the same hardware; better drivers and instructions to handle a wider range of old computers.
    (4) In cameras my old Olympus D360L digital at Walmart came with charger; memory card, case and 4 NiMh batteries; and my mail order one had no charger or batteries.
    (5) With my Walmart NIKON L6 digital; the Walmart one mailorder one I bought had the same stuff.
    If anything the Walmart Item might have some extra goodies; or added instructions or it might be exactly the same. To add extra stuff only requires the buyer to request it. It can be as simple as an extra super starter instruction sheet that is shrink rapped around the box.
    It is baseless to assume the Walmart Nikon item is 2nd tier.
    In Kansas City in the mid 1970's Kmart sold a Nikkormat FTn with 50mm F2 and some rolls of focal film as a kit
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    It looks like Kikas Vohli is correct. This thread is about purchasing a D90, perhaps at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately the discussion has drifted into off-topic issues. It looks like meantioning Wal-Mart is going to casue problems.
    At least the OP got his answers.

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