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  1. I have seen this while capturing the last 2 images, seen them on the finder clearly and they then turned to be in the film when I did processed it ?
  2. Part of a clip used to hold something in place, i.e. 'c' retainer, etc?
    Slipped and it's in the way? What bugs me is why it's sharp?
  3. Ooopsy ...
  4. where is this C clip and bad the condition is please?
  5. could this be some thing out from the lens and not the camera ?
  6. It certainly looks like a C clip to me too. I looked at my 50mm CF Distagon and can find no such clip, however. Or any of my other C or CF lenses for that matter and I do not see anything inside the mirror box that looks like that either. This is very strange.
  7. This is the lever which is not returning to its position
  8. I also checked the camera now, that ring sign is not there now, and out of the two films I had only 2 shots with that sign no more.
  9. That know is your depth of preview knob and it does lock when you push it down. I find cycling the aperture ring a couple of times causes mine to release right back to the upward position.
  10. thank you sir, I will try it more , thank you , thank you
  11. please, what is this circular knob beside this lever for ?
  12. Jamal, here's a version of your picture with the shadows lightened in Photoshop. Is it only the two little protruding things you're asking about or the whole black frame around the window? Either way, it seems odd that a c-clip or other foreign object in the camera would happen to be so precisely aligned with only the outdoor portion of the image. An interesting puzzle—I hope someone comes up with a solution.
  13. Only the two little things on the left side of the image, the rest of the black area is because I was capturing the image from a room, that why the sourrounding all in black.
    These two small things showed up in two images only out of 2 films, I did see them in the finder but I did not expected them to show on the film.
    May be also they only showed up for these two images while the mirror is up not for the rest of the images as the mirror was in normal condition.
  14. Jamal,
    I think Kent is correct: it's part of the subject.
    There is nothing, no part, that could make its way to to film and produce a shade like that.
    So forget about bits having come loose, and show us the other pic in which this shows.
    That little round knob next to the DOF-preview lever is the flash synch post. It is where you plug a flash lead into.
    Maybe you may like to read a manual for the bits of equipment? It would answer your question about how to release the DOF-preview too.
    Have a look here, and look for the CFE CFi lenses manual, or in the 503 CX manual.
  15. I can't imagine a C-Clip being so sharp though. Could it be the scanner?
  16. Jamal,
    For this artifact to be that sharp, it has to either be in the actual image or, if in the camera, it must be very close to the film plane rather than near the lens. If it were very far away from the film, it would very likely be more out of focus.
    Try removing the film back and examine the inside edge of the camera body (unless it is one of the focal plane shutter versions, you can gently push the body shutter vanes open), and then pull the insert and the dark slide out of the film back and look for anything jutting out on either of those.
    As to the small round knob you refer to, that is actually a guard around the PC post connection for use with a sync cord to your choice of flash units.
  17. dear Q.G. de Bakker I am sure I have seen these two things in the finder before shooting but I was not sure they will show up on the film.
    It do scared me a lot when I saw the film, I have to do a lot of film work with this camera and the lens for the next expedition in UAE next month.
    There is nothing with the scanner and these things I can see them on two shots on the film, for these two shots I did lock the mirror as I was on very slow speed to include the interior of the room I wan in, I will scan also the other shot.
    It will be nice to know how to release the DOF-preview, now this is even scaring me more, we have no technisions to refer to out here at all, very little people also using the hasselblad cameras and lenses.
    Thank you a lot Q.G. de Bakker
  18. Thank you very much , I remember when I move the film there was some sort of unusual noise yestrday but not every time, I will check now , thank you a lot dear Tim Ludwig
  19. Thank you a lot dear Q.G. de Bakker for the link, I have added to the favorate and I did release the lever to its uper position, thank you very much.
    I also checked the film back and I did not find any sign of those little things, more over that should not also show in the view finder, I will check more by shooting another film.
    Thank you also dear Scott Murphy and thank you all for the help.
  20. To me it looks like a mount to attach a bolt to secure some type of steel framing. But hey, what do I know I just work with engineers all the time. ;)
  21. Jamal,
    The doorway, and the court outside, also showed up in the viewfinder before shooting ... ;-)
    What Kent revealed is pretty convincing: the shadow cannot be anything else but something in the scene.
    There is absolutely no need to check the lens, camera or filmback. Not, unless you can explain why and how the doorway would be able to cut off the shadow the way it does.
    There are loads and loads of people here who use Hasselblads. People too who qualify as technician.
    But you would do good by reading the manuals first. They're thin, and it doesn't take much time.
  22. The simplest (and most plausible) explanation is that it is part of the image.
  23. Thank you a lot dear Q.G. de Bakker , I am glad that all said nothing wrong with the camera or the lens, I also added that link you given me to the favorate and I will study that carefuly.
    Thank you dear Bryan Lardizabal , a lot.
    Dear Greg Kowalczewski [​IMG] , thank you a lot.

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