What is this about?

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  1. This truck was decorated like this for the 4th of July parade. When I asked to driver to explain it he said ANY young person would get it immediately. Anyone here know what this represents? Video game I suspect.
    Monterey 19c_4th of July_5.jpg
  2. Armour-plated?
  3. Most likely a Minecraft vehicle. I had my suspicions but had to get confirmation from a young person!
    Google Minecraft if you're interested.
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  4. Guess we don't have any young persons here on Pnet.
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  5. Never was a young crowd, but even less so now, I'm afraid.

    Aside from the "armor plate" aspect, I know I have no idea.
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  6. What's a minecraft?
  7. My guess is that you didn't pick up on the sarcasm of my post. Absolutely no harm, though.
  8. Perhaps works on the same principle as tin foil hats.
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  9. its a video game. everything looks pixelated just like that truck.

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