What is the most memorable Travel Photo you have ever taken

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  1. What is your most memorable Travel Photo and where did you take it? Also, what have you done with this photo? [​IMG]

    These were photographed at a Tibetan Buddhist Flower Festival in a small village in western Sichuan province, China
    Please post your photos and let us know what you have done with the photo (have you framed it, shared it online, have you made a photo book, or have you blogged about it?)
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  2. Here is my most memorable travel photo. I blogged about my trip to Mt' Fuji and used this photo.
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    My most memorable, which has been posted over the years on various sites, was taken aboard the USS Hornet during the rescue of the Apollo 11 astronauts. The naval staff, of which I was an officer, insisted that one of their officers be on site for the event, so I trained for a number of weeks with the folks from NASA, the UDT/SEAL officers who would do the actual rescue, the ship's crew in my specialty, and the civilian contractors. A side benefit was the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the professional photographers from Nat. Geo, NY Times, and Life, who were aboard as well, all jockeying for those memorable shots. I also had another task, which was to test some new electronic equipment which had been installed aboard the ship, and write a short chapter in the recovery manual for future astronaut recoveries. I got my shot and as a side benefit got a memorable one of President Nixon as his contingent landed aboad ship for congratulations and photo ops with the astronauts.
  4. The most memorable I never took was the next to last space shuttle launch from a site in Stuart, Fla. I got
    up at 3AM walked down to a river bank, estimated true North from the big dipper, and when i saw the
    shuttle going up I clicked the shutter on my new digital Nikon P50 to get a movie. But in the darkness
    somehow I botched the movie function. So I can still play it in my brain but nowhere else.
  5. Gup

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    Stephen, all that and not even a link?
    I can't remember the best one 'I've never taken'. I must have misplaced the memory. ;)
    So, back to the OP's question. Geez, so many. I guess it would be a very personal one of my new wife on our honeymoon, 30 years and 3 months ago. We spent 6 months on our new bike exploring Canada's lower west coast, Expo '86 in Vancouver and the Rockies. It is framed at 5x7 and displayed with a few others at the end of a hall where only we ever see it. Perhaps I'll revisit the scan and print it a bit larger as a result of this thread?
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    Gup - great trip - and wonderful photo, all the things one wants....land, trees, water, mountains, a motorcycle & gorgeous wife.
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  7. This doesn't compare with shooting the Apollo 11 recovery, but it was memorable for me. The Endeavor launch in February of 2010 was the last night launch of a space shuttle. We paid scalpers prices for tickets to the NASA causeway. After spending 5 hours on the causeway at night, the launch was scrubbed. Fortunately, those who had bought tickets for the original launch were allowed to buy tickets to the re-scheduled launch at face value. After another 4 hours at night, we witnessed a launch. Space coast residents have seen many launches. It was memorable for this upstate New Yorker.
  8. Most memorable shot was traveling to Garner State Park, Texas hiking to the fence-less top of "Old Baldy", an 1800 ft high half dome limestone hill.
    Been trying to make the 150 mile drive back to the park to do a reshoot in Raw format. This one was shot jpeg.
  9. It's not a particulary nice or interesting photo, but most certainly it is memorable to me.
    When asked what gift she wished for her 21st birthday, my daughter said, "Dad, would you bring me on top of Mont Blanc?"
    I answered "yes", and I did it.
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    Memorable and nefarious. Taken about 12 years ago, likely Kodak Gold ASA 400 on a Pentax Super Program with FA 28-70 f4.
    Panjiayuan Market Beijing Ivory seller
  11. @Gup Jeffries the photo looks great. I am glad if this thread has inspired you to enlarge it and print again :)
    @Bonsignore Ezio Great to hear that you kept your promise!
    @Douglas Stemke I doubt you can find such a store ever again.
    @Tim Lookingbill I love the curved leading lines in your photo.
    @Ron Andrews A childhood dream of mine to be in one of those, oh well!
    One more story from me.
    Sample photo from it
    This was captured in in Tokyo at Meiji shrine. I was lucky to witness two weddings happening while the golden light was showering this shrine. Please let me know what you guys think.
  12. This has nothing to do with photography, but just out of curiosity:
    Douglas, are you sure that this is actually ivory? For several reasons I doubt it. I've been a frequent traveller to China in the '80s, when it was still possible to find carved ivory openly on sale in luxus shops, but it was always handled as a very expensive marchandise. If your photo depicts ivory, it would be worth well in excess of $1 million, and I don't think it would be placed on the pavement outside a shop and the guy would have such a nonchalant attitude towards it. Most likely it rather is pressed/glued bone powder, bleached wood when not straight plastic - which in a sense is the good news.
  13. Hi there, the memorable photo I have taken when I was reached at the top of the mountain first time.
  14. Gup

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    Just to further this comment, this is in today's Toronto Star newspaper - https://www.thestar.com/news/world/...prio-documentary-gets-12-years-in-prison.html It states that 118 elephant tusks confiscated from poachers were worth $863,000. That is a far cry from, "well in excess of $1 million" for the amount shown in that storefront.
  15. IMG_7132.jpg

    Manzanita Lake at Lassen NP. That's a bat over the water.
  16. Mark, Nice Photo! What was the name of the village where this was taken in Kham? I have been to this area may times.
  17. IMG_2133.JPG Hard to pick the most memorable. This was taken at the Naadam Festival horse riding event just outside Ulaanbaatar where people gathered in this large valley to watch the end of the race. Families came together - many riding there on their own horses. The photo has only been posted on social media before.
  18. As a Brit for me most memorable and awe-inspiring was Haleakala National Park Hawaii!


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