What is the maximum gig SD card a D60 can handle?

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  1. SDHC cards are physically identical to regular SD cards, but they have slightly different electronics inside that allow the card to hold up to 32 GB, instead of whatever the limit on regular SD cards are, which I think is either 2 or 4 GB. Don't listen to that Nikon list, it's bogus; any SDHC card will work fine in your camera, including many respected brands that aren't listed. SDXC is a newer standard that allows capacities larger than 32 GB, and it will NOT work in your camera. Overall, they are all known collectively as SD cards.
  2. The 'size' of SDHC card that a Nikon D60 camera will *handle* depends on who programmed the software for the camera. If you like to experiment, then try the largest SDHC card you can find, but if you lose your images -- it won't be the camera's fault. [Non-SDHC cards max out at 2 Gb...and the D60 instruction booklet has the sizes of SDHC cards that the camera will operate with.]
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    With the exception of the D50, all Nikon DSLRs that have an SD card slot are compatible with SDHC cards. (The D50 was the first one that used SD and back then, it was only compatible with the plain SD with the 2G limit.)
    The problem with the Nikon web page is that they don't update the info after the camera's introduction. When the D60 was introduced back in 2008, SDHC cards were mostly limited to 4G and 8G, and that is the info Nikon has on their web site. Technically, the D60 should be compatible with all SDHC cards up to its 32G limit, but only someone who has tested those combinations can tell you for sure.
    The SDXC standard was announced in 2009 and therefore way after the introduction of the D60. DSLRs and others introduced in 2010 and later such as the D7000, V1, and J1 are compatible with SDXC, which is 64G and up.
  4. Jerry, SDHC is SDHC. That list of approved cards is bogus, and honestly, it causes more problems with new users than it solves, because of confusion over what can and cannot be used. It would be like if you bought a new car, and the owner's manual listed Goodyear tires as the only approved tire. It makes no sense, and as long as the tire was a good product, the car would perform no differently with Michelin or Pirelli tires. This is one of the times when the manufacturer's recommendation is due to legal nonsense and is to be avoided. Look at the technical aspects of the situation, instead of blindly following the manufacturer's instructions. Since the camera was made with the SDHC protocol, feel free to use any SDHC card with impunity. Obviously, some shady counterfeit card bought from ebay is not going to work as well, but if you go down to your local electronics store, any SDHC should suit your needs. I can find more examples than not of a non-approved card working in the camera.
  5. Am in the market for a New SD card. Did some checking and since the D60 supports SDHC the Max size is listed as 32GB but am interested in going larger if possible because a friend did some cost per GB pricing and he can get a 64GB card cheaper than a 32GB one (same mfr and model).
    Have partitioned large HHDs for older PCs so will try it with the SD card.
    Am interested in others experiences.
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    SD cards that are above 32G, i.e. 64G and up, are SDXC. The D7000, D7100, D600 and D800E can work with SDXC cards, so can the Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras. But I am not sure about the D60, which is much earlier technology.
  7. After much searching I found "Using SDXC in SDHC camera...Success" http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1151548

    Since worked with Canon P&S camera hope will also work with Nikon DSLRs.

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