what is the Hexanon 28/2.8 worth?

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  1. Hello,

    does anybody knows how good/bad this lens is,<p>
    how it compares to c/v ultron and leica elmarit,<p>
    what's a price range for secondhand<p>
    (what was the price when it was sold as new?)<p>and if you know of
    any places in the web testing this lens it would be nice too<p>thanks
  2. Proper comparison is probably with the VC 28/3.5, not the Ultron 28/1.9, which is more than a stop faster.

    The Hexanon lenses are very highly rated by Puts (but he didn't test the 28, but Photodo gives it a 4.2, slightly better than the Elmarit). But the VC 28/3.5 is much more compact (the most compact VC lens and one of the most compact lenses ever made for RF cameras), only half-odd stop slower, inexpensive, extremely good optically, probably the equal of the Hexanon. Check it out, especially is size is important to you.
  3. I don't think the v/c 28/3.5 is in the same league, optically speaking ... that's why I thought that if the ultron can be had for 450$ new, how much is the hexanon worth, used? Both are more or less the same size ... Could also be interesting to compare it with the elmarit, used, to put things into perspective. These thoughts are driven by the fact I know somebody willing to sell his hexanon, at 700 dollars ...
  4. I just saw this on another forum - another member from Japan posted these prices he was able to find in Japan (for NEW lenses): === Quote: M-Hexanon 28/2.8 = 79,590 Yen M-Hexanon 35/2 = 72,240 Yen M-Hexanon 50/2 = 50,400 Yen === End quote According to Yahoo currency converter, that's currently about $716 for NEW 28/2.8 lens... in Japan. Denis
  5. They haven't been offered on ebay for awhile--I think the last one went for $600 or so. $700 is a bit high unless absolutely MINT and the original hood and case is included. Check KEH and donchatterton.com, (give Don a call as he doesn't update his site very often). Amazing build quality, as good or better than Leica, and far surpases that of V/C. Nice saturated images, you won't be disappointed.

  6. I can vouch for the quality of Hexanons. I have been shooting them for a while. The build quality is great and the optical quality is top notch.
  7. The M-Hexanon 28/2.8 went for $800 new.
  8. I have it and like it. I do not have any other 28 to compare it to, so I cannot help you on that part.

    When new it was the most expensive of all regular M-Hexanon lenses (28, 35, 50 and 90). A used price higher than the other regular M-Hexanon lenses should therefore seem appropriate.

    Second hand prices for these lenses seem to be climbing as fewer and fewer are offered for sale.

    When (if?) Konica starts to export these lenses outside Japan again, second hand prices will most likely come down a bit. I guess this will happen if a digital Hexar is ever introduced.
  9. Just to expand on Cameron's reference to the photodo ratings. The photodo score is comparable to both the Elmarit 28 & the Contax G 28/2.8. However, what was impressive about the photodo results for this lens is that it was better than both the Elmarit & the Contax at full aperture. The photodo score represents an average of the results for f/4 & f/8; it does not include results at full aperture, but it does report them separately. Not only was the Konica better at f/2.8, but it was also better at f/4. Many lenses with high scores from photodo are deceptive because performance can drop off markedly at full aperture. One strength of Leica lenses is that they do not. In this case, Konica outdid the comparable Leica lens, which is a very good lens.
  10. How about the 28/2.8 Rokkor? Ihear it goes for half as much and performs
    comparably. Assuming it doesn't have spots.
  11. I recently purchased a "like new" 28/2.8 Hexanon-M w/caps, but no shade from George Ury for $550. Optically, it's design is practically a clone of the current 28 Elmarit based one an optical diagram I found on the lens. Mechanically, it's build quality appears as good as a Leica and a bit better than the CV 28/3.5 in terms of fit and finish on a side by side comparison. In fairness though, the CV 28/2.8 is no slouch but tolerances do appear a bit tighter on the Leica and Konica lenses.
  12. A year ago they were going for $650 new. Maybe scarcity has
    driven the price up, but I wouldn't pay more than $600 used for it
    considering you can get a mint tabbed Elmarit for little more than
  13. Where can you get a mint tabbed 28 Elmarit M for a little over $600? The ones I've seen for sale are conservatively well over a grand and are usually the 2nd or 3rd version in far less than mint condition. A 4th version "E or E+" may set you back about $1500 at KEH.
  14. I got a Mint Hexanon here on PN for $500 with shade caps and filter. It is a very good lens. On e*ay the have been going for $750 or so. Buyers were in China. For $750 I would kick in more $$ and get a used Elmarit.
  15. yes, I think 500$ is a more sensitive price, specially when you know that the ultron, at equal apertures, is sprobably at the same quality level, but bulkier, with the extra stop<p>What is the minimal focussing distance of the hexanon?<p>strange how it is so difficult to find information on the net about this lens ...
  16. Minimum focus is 0.7m. The lens diagram and info. can be found at <http://www.konica.nl/english/hexar_rf/lenses/28mm.htm>. You can also get info. on the other lenses and the RF body.
  17. So, these Konica lenses are still in production?

    I own the 35/2, which I bought from Kevin Mendenhall. It's a little jewel, so sharp it hurts, and makes my camera look really cool. I'd like to have the 28/2.8 one day... Better value than the Elmarit!

    No wonder Leica's going under...
  18. You'd have a tough time getting them in the USA since it appears that Konica-Minolta has washed their hands of it. My guess is that there is a limited supply in europe or the far east.
  19. I own one and really like it. It is close to leica in terms of build quality and it is very impressive optically. I think it is worth $700 if it includes the shade. Here's a picture of my daughter taken last week at the Calgary Zoo with my Hexanon 28/2.8.
  20. Sorry, that photo is a little dark. It was scanned from a 4 by 6 print. I have lightened it up a little to make it look more like the original. Here it is again.
  21. I got the Hexanon here for $500, I believe. It replaced an Ultron. It's sharper at 2.8 and better mechanically. The Ultron was not up to snuff wide open. But I may have had a lemon.

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