What is the craziest thing you've seen a bride do?

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  1. When I first started shooting, I had a bride perform a kegstand with
    the rest of the groomsmen.
  2. Craziest thing I've seen a bride do was go through with the wedding after the groom, in response to the question "Do you take this woman, etc?" said "Ummm, I guess so."
  3. My wife. She married me.
  4. Nothing strange ever happened, period. I want to keep it that way.
  5. The bride was getting dressed when somebody said one of the bridesmaids could not wear the earrings because she did not have pierced ears. So- in her bra and undies- the bride took a needle and pierced the girls ears right there. I almost passed out and the bridesmaid started crying...
  6. A very overwight bride came out to the living room in her thong (bright red)with no bra to tell me she is ready for pictures. I did take two weeks off after that one.
  7. Oh my Gosh!!!!! if i was that bridesmaid i would have told her where to go and how to get there if she came at my ears!!! ok, greg... mental picture... ouch!!!
  8. Greg,

    Now that's funny!
  9. A "kegstand" as I saw it was where the bride and groomsmen each took turns being held upside down over a keg of beer and attempt to see who can drink the most/longest.

    Sorry, I didn't keep any images of that one to post - not even for posterity!
  10. I'm seeing much more pre-wedding drinking. And not just a couple cocktails -- these brides are half-drunk walking down the aisle.

    And in the vein of Greg's post, some photographer around here has a photo of a bride in a thong posing by her dress. It's a nice backlit shot, and I've had a half-dozen brides request a recreation. I don't get it.

    The craziest thing I've seen a groom do is ask me for my assistant's phone number...for the best man, of course.
  11. What Rich said!

    I had a bride that was hitting wine heavy during getting ready shots.

    We got through ceremony and during formals her eyes were glassed over.

    After formals we walked over to reception but no bride. I was booked until 9:30 and at 9:00, still no bride, so I went to mother of bride and ask if she wanted to hire me to stay longer. She said no! Bride showed up at 9:15 and I ask what she wanted to do about all the normal reception shots - we had not shot one images at reception yet. She had DJ call all events - toast, cake cutting, first dance, garter/bouquet toss one after the other and I was finished by 9:45.

    Mother said bride had gotten "sick" after ceremony. I say passed out!

  12. Oh! I still like Greg's story best.
  13. I wouldn't know where to start , but I will try.

    I have seen brides: knock over their cake, publicly vomit from drinking too much, stagger into the video tripod and almost knock it over, smoking dope, snorting cocaine, open gift envelopes to pay the caterer and myself, punch out her best friend, attempt to dance on a table that collapsed, get caught in a compromising situation with the best man during the reception. They get worse, so I will stop here.
  14. awahlster

    awahlster Moderator

    The Best thing I have ever seen a Bride do was my own Stepdaughters wedding two weeks ago. After all the normal recieption suff and normal dancing a few of the guys started break dancing (country music listening white guys!) When two of the guys stood about 2 feet apart and did syncronised back flips I was totally impressed.

    When my daughter appeared changed out of her wedding dress into a pair of slacks and a top and proceeded to do two full lenght tumbling runs like they do in the Olympic's All I could think was please don't break anything. She did great just like when she was 12 and doing Gymnastics. Not a 25 year old sailor with more under her top sail then any Gymnist I have ever seen!

    Of course when the prettiest bridesmaid ( a stunning girl with a beautiful singing voice) did the worm dance. Well I did manage a photo of that!
  15. Any stories with pictures?
  16. Oh, BTW, Greg, I don't want to discriminate, but I don't think I would appreciate a photo with your story...
  17. I kind of agree with the sentiment that marrying some of the knucklehead grooms may have been crazy. I've seen one and know another that set their veils on fire with the candle routine.
  18. Let's see...

    Bride wearing a leather, white, minidress and no underwear. How do I know you ask? I'm a photographer. It's my job to know.

    Bride carrying the groom over the threshhold for the "good bye" shot. (I actually got published in a wedding magazine for that one)

    Bride's mother wears a loose fitting, backless dress and no bra. How do I know? It's my job to know. (She actually popped out of her dress during the processional)

    A gypsy wedding where the bride and groom come in wearing jeans and sneakers, then they disappear to the bridal room during cocktail hour. Then, this dried up, little grandma comes in and unfurls the bloody sheet in front of all the guests. Everyone applauds and the bride and groom come out, wearing traditional bridal garb.

    I'm sure there are more, but I don't want to dig into suppressed memories.
  19. I didn't see this in person but saw the picture on a website... the bride was tounging the ice sculpture!!!

    Talk about targeting a cetain kind of bride :)

  20. Greg... are you SURE you don't have a photo of the "zoftig" bride in the thong? Sheesh, I'd pay to see that one! (OK, I like 'em plump but my buddy of 42 years loves 'em really more than pleasantly plump, and he'd get a charge out of that one)(and my ex-wife thinks I'm crazy).

    Awww, come on, I wuz only joking!
  21. by the way, the gypsy wedding probably wouldn't have gone through if grandma had brought out a clean sheet!!!!! differerent cultures, can be SOOOO interesting.....
  22. Eve,

    You're probably right. Either the wedding wouldn't have gone through or the Mcdonald's ketchup packets would have been working overtime.
  23. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    The craziest thing? Taking off for Las Vegas and New Mexico a few days before the wedding without telling anyone, thereby triggering a massive manhunt.

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