What is the Contax 645 style 35mm Contax camera

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  1. I remember that Kyocera introduced a Contax slr with waist level and eye level viewfinder, it style looks like Contax medium format 645. What is the model name ?
  2. This is a long shot, but the only cameras I can think of like that use Carl Zeiss lenses, but are the Rolleiflex SL2000F and Rolleiflex 3003, mfg in Germany.
  3. Carl Zeiss made lenses for a lot of different cameras but I can't think of any that fit that description. There was the rangefinder line after WWII and there was a TLR and then there was the 35mm compact with interchangeable lenses. Then there was Kyocera/Yashica with it's Contax SLRs, the largest of which was the RTSIII which is a monster. Then there was the N series which was AF I think. Then there was the 645. Then there was even a renewed rangefinder camera using Leica M mount I think.
    Lots of variety but I don't think the 645 had a 35mm back and I don't think anything else had a waist level finder.
  4. http://www.imaging-resource.com/EVENTS/PMAS01/982017577.html
    The contax N digital accepted N contax lens and contax 645 lens. It has a option to buy a separate screen to compose at waist level.
  5. At this point you can probably buy old Hasselblad's with Zeiss lenses for pretty bargain prices which might be the smarter buys. Now that digitals are giving us 36+ MP.
  6. Thank you James, it is a Rolleiflex SL2000F I am looking for
  7. Rollei made the Carl Zeiss lenses under licence. Great camera, but a bit prone to catastrophic damage.
  8. I've heard that the main circuit board tends to fail. At this late date that failure would be irreparable due to lack of spare parts.
  9. James and Bill, thanks.
    I may look for a Contax T instead
  10. I think if you could find a kit in good working order, with maybe 3 backs and battery packs, you could be quite happy. It was very easy to shoot at lower speeds, and worked well with adapted PS / Takumar lenses, retaining full aperture focusing. I never had any electronic failures with either model, but destruction from dropping on a concrete floor.
    The Singapore made Rollei SLR preceding, which had a similar vertical running metal shutter, was very prone to circuit board failure.
    Price would be an issue. I sold a 3003, 5 backs, most lenses, to help fund a divorce. It still smarts. I would love one again, but only at the right price which recognises its age and vulnerability.
  11. Actually there was such a camera from Zeiss Ikon Dresden, branded Pentax (formerly Contax) but it was just a prototype. http://zeissikonveb.de/start/technik/patentschau.html

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