what is the best camera strap for an SLR?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by bob_mcdonald|2, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. what is the best camera strap for an SLR? i have an nikon f, an f2
    and a d70 and I can't figure out what is the best strap. Maybe it is
    a silly question but I want the best for my babies....thank you
  2. Bob, THE cool, rugged, minimalist strap for Nikon SLRs is the Nikon AN-4B black nylon strap. I've had these straps on all my Nikon SLR cameras for more than 20 years and currently have them on my D100s. They never go out of style:

  3. Funnny you should ask. I have a Maxxum 5 and when I used my older Tokina 28-70 f2.8 lens and flash things get a little heavy. I finally got tired of having the neck strap digging into my neck. I stopped by my local Ritz and looked at all their neck straps. I purchsed a silver & black one made by Quandry (sp). It's very comfortable and flexes well. Good luck!
  4. I use a Domke Gripper for my Nikons.It seems to stay put on your shoulder.I have custom straps for my contax G2's from a guy who makes them himself. They do not slip at all ,but are around $20.00 each.Maybe someone knows who I am talkng about.The straps have little rubber knobs on them (for want of a better description)I hate having cameras slip off my shoulder and these hang in there great.
  5. Here is the name of the strap ,they are more expensive than when I bought mine ,but if you think of them as insurance so you do not drop a camera , they are worth the price.

  6. I really like the wider OpTech straps for my gear. They're very comfortable and light, they don't dig into my shoulder, and they don't have a huge "Nikon" or "Canon" screaming across them.
  7. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=productlist&A=details&Q=&sku=77681&is=REG

    Leica Binocular Strap. No slip, just the right amount of bounce for a Canon 1vHS or equivalent weight.
  8. Op Tech for the larger, heavier cameras.
  9. i use wrist straps for all my cameras.
    if need be, i put the cam in a small camera bag.

  10. Domke gripper, 1", black. Navy blue if they're out of stock in black. I must have close to a dozen of them. I might try the 1.5" one if I ever buy that 300/2.8.

    Looks just fine on my F, my F2AS, and my D70 and functions very well.
  11. My regular strap broke and I'm currently using a black shoelace. They are very strong and wont break or scratch your camera. They come in all lengths.
  12. I use the Tamrac QR straps -- Optech has a similar system.

    I know some folks don't like the QR systems, but they're convenient if you use multiple bodies. I especially like the backpack strap that's part of the Tamrac QR system -- it allows you to strap the camera to a backpack's D-rings rather than from your neck -- Nice when you're out on a long trek in the boonies and shooting with a large camera like an F5.
  13. Bob,

    I second Michael Ging's choice... Domke Gripper.

    An alternative is the LowePro strap.

    Both are good but I like the rubberized coating that prevents the strap from sliding
    off my shoulder.

  14. Off at a bit of a tangent but I want to use one strap for 2 cameras (I hate straps all over the place) and wondered what was on offer by way of snaplock/clip-on fittings enabling quick changeovers.The other camera is either in a bag or large pocket.
  15. The best strap I've ever found is the one that holds my camera bag. I hate straps on the camera itself. Straps get caught on things when you least expect them.
  16. Domke Gripper. Accept no other.
  17. I bought a cheap neoprene from Ritz for my N-65 and found it *way* to bouncy. I have a better one by Tamrac (the N-19 non-QR) and I like it quite a bit. I don't see the point in having a QR in your safety strap. The Tamrac N-35 leather strap is also very nice.

    I personally don't find the Domke straps to be very comfortable but they are proven to be durable. I'd suggest you try a few on at the shop with a heavy kit to see how they perform.
  18. Bill,

    The Tamrac QR or OpTech Pro/Classic straps have quick-release buckles, so that you can use one strap on multiple cameras. I have the OpTech straps myself and am very happy. They have enough stretch to make heavy equipment seem lighter, but aren't so stretchy that the camera "bounces"

  19. Upstrap! I have them on 6 Nikon SLR's & they stay put!

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