what is tele position?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by mauricio_valenzuela, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. hi everyone i was looking at some camera reviews and i saw something
    about tele position, and tele conversion adapters. i would like to
    know what that is, and what are tele converters for?�, thank you
    Mauricio Valenzuela
  2. Assume you are refering to a all-in-one digtal camera. Tele-position refer to tele-photo position (focal length) of the zoom lens. For example, for a digi-cam with a 35mm to 350mm (35mm eq) zoom lens. This will be the range from 70 to 350mm (2X to 10X). The wide angle position would be the 35mm to 45mm setting. The 45 to 60mm positions are typically refered to as "normal" focal length.
    A tele-conversion adapter is a lens that can increase the focal length of a lens. For a non-interchangable lens digicam, it is attached to the front of the lens. For example, a 1.7X tele adapter will increase the 35-350 zoom lens to ~600mm (17X) at the tele-photo end. One note, the tele-conversion adapter will increase the minimum focus distant and decrease the quality of the zoom lens (how much will depend on the quality of the adapter)

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