What is "Street Photography" ?

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  1. I like the "found photography" idea.

    I first started really getting into photography the summer when I was nine, on a family vacation trip.
    I had a Yashica TLR and a few rolls of VP120. An early stop was Butchart Gardens in BC, Canada,
    where I found an exposed roll of VP620 in a trash can. That was my first roll to develop myself,
    practice before my own rolls.

    Like a famous Supreme court judge said, you know it when you see it.
  2. OOPS Overposted those a bit
  3. There is a crossover between journalistic and street photography. The lines between both are blurred. I agree that 'street photography' generally includes people and situations that photographers come across outdoors. It usually includes people (close up or far away), but not necessarily. Street photographers usually photograph spontaneous moments, but not necessarily. Many amateur street photographers publish in B/W but this has little bearing on 'street photography'.

    FWIW, I think that there are at least the following broad and overlapping categories of street photographers:
    - street photographers who - per project/series - want to tell a specific visual story and seek out street locations and subjects that illustrate this. Well-known examples are Bruce Gilden and Martin Parr
    - street photographers who - though they not have complete projects or series - are primarily motivated by the content of their photos; the need to express something that is important to them
    - street photographers who are primarily interested in taking appealing/interesting photos - the content of the photos is secondary; for example, photos of 'interesting' shop owners, passers-by on a posted ad
    - street photographers who copy so-called 'street photography' cliches: homeless people, wizened old men,
    - 'street photographers' who visually prey on attractive young women by taking 'candid' photos with long lenses without their knowledge

    Is there anything we can do to improve the 'street photography' community? The only thing I can think of is to call out photos and photographers who (despite being within their legal rights) appear to be exploitative.

  4. Ban Allen?

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  5. Yes. Get out there and take the kind of street pics you think will elevate whatever "the street community" is.

  6. Ban Allen?

    (only joking)

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