What is street photography?

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by Brad_, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... I like pictures of
  2. If that’s important you, then I’m happy that’s how you see yourself. You get a big pat on the ego for being better than the rest of us. That and $2.75 will get you from Times Square to Park Slope on a subway.

    I agree, actually, that your photography is quite good. Don’t feel the need to compare it to the rest of the world’s. Your writings here on photography, art, and AI are much less good.
  3. Not, perhaps, "street photography" but I'd like one person here, at least, to be pleased:
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  4. Holy smokes, Fred!

    Such hypocrisy. Your oblique back-handed condescension is legend on photonet. Masters level. One just needs to read your posts. A real shame you're not able to own that. Recognition is the first step.

    Regarding your "points," are you serious? There's not much to say when you state the obvious. It's like wading through molasses. Photographers and artists place/impose restrictions on themselves for a variety of reasons and purposes (I mentioned one). Is there anyone here who doesn't know that? That's been discussed for ages here, going back to the beginning of photonet on a wide range of topics. How about raising the level of the discussion a bit?
  5. Another of your well worn fallback memes.
  6. Jeeez... You totally missed the point of what I thought was amusing. Which had absolutely nothing to do with their rules and restrictions, let alone judging them.

    Slow down and take a minute to absorb what people are saying.
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  7. Relax.

    Regarding you stating the obvious...Do I really need to list a few of the myriad restrictions photographers place on themselves for a variety of reasons? Seriously?
  8. No, you just need to observe how often you accuse those you disagree with, not just me, of stating the obvious.
  9. Not at all
  10. Honestly can't think of anyone else here with respect to constantly stating the obvious. As I said earlier, it's like wading through molasses getting through your points. Especially regarding street shooting. Raise the bar a little.
  11. Brad and Phil are very capable photographers street or otherwise.

    Worth listening to, for those who have ears that listen..

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