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    Well I recently acquired this 'Big' bad boy, in excellent condition but without a case or any caps or Hood. I started doing a little research and the serial number suggests that it was made by Sun Optical, and my copy was produced in 1983. I need to buy some caps and find or make a hood for it. it does have that proprietary interchangeable mount and I wish there was an adapter from that lens (bypassing their mount) directly to my GH2 without an MD to m43 adapter. My lens was in Minolta MD mount and I already had some extra mount caps for it, and I'm currently using a Coffie cup lid for the front (fits perfectly) until a cap arrives. I Need to get a case for it, does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to spend too much or ill just build one out of cedarwood, wrap it in pleather and Line it with felt, filled with silica desiccants. Not sure what I will do for a Hood.
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  2. Wow, the post that keeps on rollin'...:D

    Not sure you'll easily find a case for that. it's a very long AND narrow lens.. relatively speaking.

    Just what are the dimensions you're after, and what hood 'thread' do you need?

    I was going to make my own CF hood for my 600mm f4 AFS before the focus motor died. Even though they are commercially available, the Nikon one's are v.silly money.
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  3. And the relevance of this in the Nikon forum is....?
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  4. Ha!

    I wrote that on the end of my note, only to delete it. I guess it's here as that's where it started way back yonder...!
  5. Just for information the proprietary mount referred to (T4) was shared by Vivitar, and one can still find it around. It was replaced later by the TX. In Nikon mounts, the T4 is not AI compatible, and cannot be converted, but is safe for AI mounts. You cannot couple the meter, because there is no rotating rear barrel, but the auto diaphragm still operates. You can stop down meter on film cameras, and shoot in M mode with external metering on digitals. The TX is AI compatible.

    You can mount a T4 mount on a TX lens, but you cannot mount a TX mount on a T4 lens.

    If you are the sort of person who likes to frequent bargain and free bins (assuming such things ever return after the covid era) keep an eye out for T4 and TX lenses. It's very easy to put these together wrong, assume they're broken, and toss them.

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