What is Rollei RPX 25?

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  1. I have used a few rolls of this in the past, but never got a real feel for it yet. I haven't used it enough to make any comparisons. Is this emulsion a stand out on its own, or is it based off another film from the past? Is this a clone of Agfa APX 25? Or is it its own film with no comparison? I have some rolls in 35, 120, and 4x5 at the moment. My local store has it on sale, and I wasn't sure I was wanting to stock up on some more rolls or not. Is there anything special about this film that makes it stand out? Or is it a rather blah-say film in general? I really liked APX 25, of which I also have a stash of. My favorite 25 ISO film is Efke 25, but there is no comparison there. Another favorite slow film is Panatomic X, but that is 32 ISO.
  2. I just read someone believes this film is actually Agfa Aviphot 80 which is rated around 50 ISO. Why then is RPX 25 a 25 ISO film and not 50 then? I guess I can forget it being an APX 25 clone.
  3. I haven't tried the RPX 25 but I'm wondering if it could be an updated version of the Rolleipan 25 from several years back. I had a 100' roll so I shot a lot of it and got good results processing in in HC110 dilution H for 10' at 68 F. The recommended time for RPX is 5' at same dilution and temperature according to massive development chart. Going to dilution H would double the time to 10'. No guarantee, of course, but enough that I might have to try a few rolls.
  4. Its Aviphot 80 made by Agfa. I just developed the roll and its quite dense. Its been said this film has high contrast and I can see that in mine so far, even before I do scans off of it.
  5. Agfa-Gevaert coat a film known as Aviphot Pan 80 (AP-80) which turns up on the market under several different names. This is what I find:

    ADOX HR-50 is AP-80 with a in house modification called "Speed Boost".
    ADOX IR-HR PRO 50 is straight AP-80
    ADOX SCALA is straight AP-80
    Rollei RPX 25 is straight AP-80 converted and packaged by Harman Technology
    Rollei Retro 80 S is straight AP-80 converted and packaged by Foma in 35mm and by Harman Technology in 120 format.

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