What is my used Nikon D300 worth?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jessica_miller|7, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. I'm upgrading from my Nikon D300 to the D700 but I don't know how low I should go on my D300.
    I bought my D300 18 months ago brand new for 2,000. I have shot 4 weddings with it and took it on a two week trip to Brazil and the rest of the time it's sat in my camera bag doing nothing. I have estimated 10,000 actuations. It looks nearly brand new--it is in excellent condition. The only tiny blemishes are on the bottom of the camera body where my battery grip attaches.
    I have all of the original boxes and packaging. It comes with the Nikkor 18-135mm lens. No warranty.
    Any thoughts?
  2. What country do you live in? Would you sell as body only?
  3. Don't estimate your clicks, check; it's a question you will get anyway when you try to sell it. The info is in the EXIF data.
    A good place to check used prices is ebay's completed listings or keh.com. My guess is around $1000 - $1100 for the body. Max $1300 with the lens.
  4. are you selling it with the grip?? if so i would say you could get anywhere from $1000-1200 depending on the cosmetic appearance and operation.
    My personal opinion, keep it , even if you need the money for the d700, its a great piece and you'll basically be letting some lucky guy steal it from you.
    biggest kicker about this industry is that you bought it new for 2G's just over a year ago , still in mint condition i presume and it has depreciated about 50%.
    good luck!
  5. I could be that lucky guy lol.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys.
    John: funny conversation going on here :), I live in the U.S on the west coast and I will only do sales in my state...sorry!
    Dieter: Thanks for the info, I had no idea I can check the actuations. I definitely want to do so.
    Steven: I am not selling it with the grip. This camera is a beast and yes I would totally love to keep it. I just wish I had the kind of money to upgrade and keep it. Unfortunately that isn't the case. I am still not 100% sure if I am going to sell it, I just wanted to get an idea of what I could get for it. It is in mint condition.
  7. Just look at the completed auctions at ebay. You can do that through "Advanced Search".
  8. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    I suppose Jessica bought the D300 with the 18-135 as a kit and therefore paid $2000, as the D300 by itself should never been that expensive. Body only probably worths about $1000 now.
    We have had lots of dicussion on how to determine shutter actuation. E.g.: http://www.photo.net/nikon-camera-forum/00Nu42 Make sure that you use a JPEG image straight out of the camera, without any editing.
    I could be that lucky guy lol.​
    We usually use that expression for something else. I think Jessica is merely thinking about selling a camera here. :)
    Sorry, can't resist.
  9. San Diego me:)
  10. Nikon D300 update: I was totally off on my number of actuations which is 30,000 according to the Exif data. Thanks again for the info on how to check that because I definitely would not want to be dishonest to my buyer on actuations. Obviously, the camera still has a long life ahead and looks nearly mint.
    Steven: Thanks for the ebay info, I'll check it out.
    Shun: Wow, I wasn't thinking of the "I could be the lucky guy" comment as anything other than wanting to purchase a camera, but I guess I did get a laugh out of it. Thanks for the link!
    John: I live in Oregon.
  11. I bought my D300 about two months ago used and it had 25000 actuation's on it. It had just been sent out to Nikon for a cleaning and checkup. I paid $1100 for it body only. It looks brand new. The guy I bought it from had moved up to a D3.
  12. Thanks Ray for letting me know...great to know!
  13. I was in Samy's Camera last week in Los Angeles and saw a factory referb D300 with 90 day Nikon warranty for $1099 body only.
  14. I bought a used D300 from Kenmore Camera in Seattle. They have a website. I paid $1200.
    It is in like new condition, as far as I can tell, had about 25,000 activations according to irfanview, and came with all the stuff that comes in the box, manual, wires, software, recharger, etc.
    They give a 2 week buyer remorse period and a 60 day warranty.
    I love it. As an ancient amateur, I can't think of any reason why I would go beyond the capabilities of the D300, except for itchy fingers. If I won Lotto, I would probably get a D700 for FF.
    If you can get one online from a reliable source, you can probably save on sales tax.
  15. I bought a used D300 from the Cragslists in Boston area. There was a risk involved but my deal was good.
    The package was D300 with a Nikon grip for 1200. Shutter count was only 1400 during the transaction.
    The owner used it for a back up when her primary camera, D700, was getting service and did not need it anymore.
  16. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    I figure that in the US, $1000 to $1100 is about the fair price for a used D300 for a private sale. A brand new D300S is about $1500 with warranty, video, and dual memory cards; that caps your price. Camera stores can charge a bit more if they provide some sort of warranty for a few months. The D300 is rated for 150K shutter actuations. Whether it has 1000 or 50000 actuations should not matter that much; if it is close to 100K, you'll have to discount it.
    The D300 has been out for 2.5 years. If one wants to sell it, I would sell it before the end of 2010 as a new model will likely appear by late 2010 or early 2011 to replace the D300S. The D300's value will really drop by then.
    Incidentally, we do not allow "for sale" posts in this forum. Sometimes we see people disguise those by asking about the value for something they want to sell. However, that doesn't seem to be Jessica's purpose.
    I am glad she has a sense of humor too.
  17. I bought a well used D300 with 60K actuations a month or so ago for $800. The rubber armor was seriously delaminating on the right hand side and the battery door (rubber) won't close correctly.

    Nothing a little gaffers tape hasn't handled so far. I'm not into the cosmetics and I don't brave too many elements with mine so I felt like it was an incredible deal on an otherwise perfect camera with all original accesories and box. I've seen a handfull advertised in DC on c-liist for under $1000 but not many.
    Shun's comment on the upcoming drop in re-sale on the D300 seems like good advice to me, look at where D200 values went even after the D90 was announced.
  18. I just purchased a D300 body from an online source to use as a backup. It has two scratches on the bottom from tripod use, and did not have a strap or lcd cover. It only had 2746 actuations and I paid $1000. Then went to KEH and picked up a lcd cover and strap for $13.
  19. Thank you everyone for sharing your "purchasing a used D300" story! It's all really helpful.
    James Kennedy: Thanks for your thoughts--in many ways I agree. And Oregon doesn't have sales tax. But they get us other ways :).
    Shun: I figured the new D300s is what's capping the price, it sure sucks just giving it away to some joe! And no worries...This post was definitely never intended to make a sale. I'll only deal locally anyway.
  20. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    Well, a camera is just a tool. As long as someone is paying you a fair price, that should be fine. A face-to-face transaction is always easier. The other party gets to check the camera out and pays cash. One thing to be careful about is actuation count. Double check that because if your camera has 50K actuations and you advertise 10K, even though the real differnece is small, the wrong expectation can turn off some buyers. You can verify that on the spot when you have an in-person deal.
    Again, a camera is merely a tool. As long as Jessica is not marrying the wrong Joe .... :)
  21. Shun: I think my camera married the right Joe :)...private sale was $1,200. Still feels as though I gave the beautiful thing away :(, We checked shutter actuations right there and cash only. Thanks for all the advice!

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