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  1. Its keeps happening and I have no idea. For a while i thought it was not enough
    developer in the tank, but developing last night proved to me it wasn't.

    Here's an example:

    and the negative looks all brown where that is....
    Any ideas????????????

  2. rnt


    Looks like not enough of something in the tank... You can see the bubbles along the edge. Brown implies developer and/or fixer. How do you -know- you have enough? How do you agitate?
  3. because about 1 liter is enough to fill the tank and i have more developer than that. Maybe i need more fixer, but i think i have plenty. Also when i agitate, i flip it upside down, flip it back, twist it, repeat.

    Thanks for the help.
    Lets solve this!
  4. The film edge is clearly not in chemicals between agitations, there is a harsh line across the negative, the "bubbles" are where the developer is still on the film after and inversion.

    Why kind of film, tank, developer?
  5. film is ilford delta 100, not sure what tank but its pretty big and can almost fit 120 reels,and im using ifosol s.
    Im using a liter of developer!
  6. An easy check is to put and empty reel in the tank, and then fill it with water until the reel is completely submerged. then just pour out the water to see how much chem you need. At each step to be sure to use at least that amount.
  7. What do you do to stop development? Perhaps your stop solution (be it an actual stopper or a water stop) does not cover the film entirely, which would allow development to continue in that area (hence the lighter appearance of the image on that side).

    The other thing could be that your fixer does not completely cover the film. The fact that it is brownish in color seems to indicate that the fixer did not remove all of the anti-halation layer or undeveloped emulsion in that area.

    Just to confirm, this is 120 Ilford Delta, as seen in your other post.
  8. yep 120, and my stop bath could be a little weak. I haven't diluted it for a while! And there's plenty of it, a tad over a liter.
    And i just rediluted my fixer and i have plenty of it.
  9. You said that the tank can "almost" fit a 120 reel. How are you loading the film into the tank then?
  10. Probably need two reels.
  11. To limit "bubbles", after agitating, hit the tank bottom forcefully twice (agitating for 5 seconds every 30 seconds)
  12. The brownish stains are quite opaque when compared to the shadow areas on the neg? Not enough fixer.

    The top of your reel is above the surface of fixer most of the time, that's my guess.
  13. Either it is a lack of sufficient agitation or not enough chemicals to cover the film. I
    don`t even use stop bath on film. Dev, fix wash.

    I don`t know what kind of tank you have, but if it is a two reel tank or the reel moves
    off the bottom and does not come to rest back on the bottom after inversion, the liquid
    will no longer cover the reel. You need stop the reel movement with a second empty reel
    or if a Besslar tank, there is a C clip to hold the reel down.

    My best guess is the reel is not coming back down fully.
  14. The basic issue as has been stated above is that there is not enough chemistry in the tank - issues that could cause this are - too little chemistry - check the amount needed - one of my Jobo tanks is intended for use with their processor, using 300ml of liquid, but if just filled with developer needs 1.4l to cover the spiral. The second possibility is that the reel is moving on the centre tube when you invert the tank to agitate, and gradually 'walking' up the tube, ending up above the liquid level - fix with a clip or a second reel depending upon tank type. The last issue could be spillage/leakage - I have a Patterson tank where the stated amount of liquid is only just enough, and any spillage when the tank is inverted is enough to lower the level until the edge of the film is above the developer or fixer.
  15. Yep, i just realized how loose that reel is in there...ill put the other reel just as a empty 35 in there because i've gotten this to work so that must be the only problem!!!! Yeah, its always shaking around when i agitate! I'll also re-dilute the stop... Hopefully i shoot a roll tomorrow, actually yeah, I'll definitely have one done by this weekend so I'll keep yalls posted!

    Thanks everyone soooooooooo much!
    This site is one of the most resourceful sites on the internet!
  16. one thing not mentioned too is how do you hold the tank when you are filling it? if it is flat
    on the counter, then when filling it, an air pocket may form, and some of your chemistry may
    end up spilling on the sink and not making it into the tank. if you hold the tank at an angle,
    you avoid that problem and more chemistry can make it into the tank. when using 4-120
    reel tanks too i used to kill the lights, take the lid off the tank entirely, and then pour the
    chemistry in. that way the bottom and top reels get the same amount of chemistry, and my
    entire pitcher of chemistry made it into the tank worry free.
  17. Tanks come in 3 capacities: 300mm, 600mm, and 900mm. You always fill to capacity.

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