What is it about Birds?

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  1. what is it about birds...... ?
    birds float or they dive on the water,
    they soar and they glide thru the sky
    with colors both flashy or muted
    their movement catches our eye

    birds spark imaginations
    as they defy gravitations
    they live all around us
    but the notion confounds us
    of just how anything can fly

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  2. Gull-5050-sml.jpg
    “Why is it,” Jonathan puzzled, “that the hardest thing in the world is to convince a bird that he is free, and that he can prove it for himself if he’d spend a little time practicing? Why should that be so hard?” (Richard Bach, Johnathan Livingston Seagull) Or, for that matter, a human being?
  3. OR ... :)

    from The Producers
  4. Did you write the poetry? It's far more expressive than the prose I wrote to accompany my image.
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  5. Didn't Hitchcock do a movie entitled "The Boids?"
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  6. Hi Michael, thanks- yes, I tossed it out there in a sleepy moment over coffee.
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  7. I've toyed with the idea of pairing some of my stuff with the suitable images. All I have to do is to is to decide on a technique and then to find the images that match the mood, etc. of the poetry (none of which involves rhyming).
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  8. I think that’s a lovely idea, a wonderful way to present your poetry and photos together!
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  9. Thanks so much! Stay tuned .....
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  10. I've been thinking about that lately for the past whole year. Birds are magical and don't exactly cooperate (if ever), and it´s not up to you to "control and overcome" the difficulties exactly, it's more about adapting, listening, blending, etc. Like a kind hunter that only grabs the image and let the bird in piece to keep on living.

    They are absolutely amazing. Years ago I wondered if... just like most photographers, over time, I would slowly move to bird photography and now I can say the answer is yes.

    BTW a great film about this is The Big Year (2011). The Big Year (2011) - IMDb
  11. Nicely said and also true for a lot of photography. Think of portraits that seem to come from a sense of overcoming awkward or difficult situations as opposed to those that seem to portray some sort of harmonic collaboration between photographer and subject, in fact where the subject seems less of a subject and more of a person. Or pictures of homeless people, not the more ubiquitous and cold ones that are taken by overcoming the difficulty of getting into good positions on the street often from a safe and hidden vantage point, but instead those by photographers who allowed themselves intimate and regular contact with the folks they were photographing. Adapting, understanding, and listening can be great skills for a photographer to develop. Control is also sometimes very useful, but so is letting go of control at times, and that’s more difficult and rare.
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  12. Here's one a shared lunch with in Manhattan by CIty Hall.

    [​IMG]Mealtime by Alan Klein, on Flickr
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  14. I was wondering more about the Cohen lyrics. I don't question Lynch when he goes freeforming.
  15. So in other peoples words it's about giving you room and the juice ... 'oh well ... then play on'
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  16. ! Nice photos phil ...
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  17. no
  18. No secret I do screenshots myself and dont always credit them.
  19. I like taking photos of birds too, especially seagulls, there are lots of them where I live.

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