What is ICM options?

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  1. I have a Epson Stylus photo R200 I read this book about photoshop. It
    says, in printing you should select ICM options. Then choose ICM-
    options execute by printer (or something similar, this book is in
    Dutch) What are ICM options? Under colour management I get to choose
    from colour controls, photo enhance, or ICM. When I select ICM I do
    not get a window that allows me to select anything.
  2. ICM is Microsoft's color management engine (so to speak). I'd conduct all color
    management in something like Photoshop (Print with Preivew) and stay away from ICM
    (and the ColorSync options on the Mac). You need a good printer profile in either case, the
    question becomes where to apply it. I'd do it using the host software (Photoshop and even
    Elements can handle this).
  3. On the following website you can find documents that explain colour management, how you should set it up in Photoshop, how to use colour management while printing and how to use soft proofing in Photoshop:
    Computer Darkroom
  4. In Epson printers and Windows platform, the supplied icc profile files are inadequate and more accurate output is obtained by selecting ICM in the epson driver. Then you need to choose the correct paper type, which selects the profile. This works very well. Do not use the epson-supplied icc file.
  5. Epson provides two kinds of color profiles for their printers. One kind is individual profiles for individual papers, with this you select the "No Color Adjustment" option. The other kind is a single profile for just the printer itself. This type converts the colors to a particular reference color space for the printer from which the printer driver does the rest depending on your choice of paper in the options, this automatic conversion is the "ICM" option.

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