What is causing all of this Noise?

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  1. I'm not a pro by any means, but I can see all of the noise in this shot, and several other shots, and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I had to use my 35mm lens because of the very limited space we were shooting in. I have it set at f8.0, ISO 200, 1/125th. with an Alien Bee strobe. I can't remember if I was using a shoot through umbrella, or a silver foil faced one. But I do know that I can see tons of digital noise on several photos. I also cropped this photo to focus on my model. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. IMG_9629-2.jpg
  2. looks ok to me.
  3. When I enlarge it to 100% you can really see it. Especially on her right side.
  4. Excuse me, I am not sure, what we are supposed to be talking about. I am looking at a 6MP image, when I click what you posted here. Are those native pixels? - If not could you please post an 1:1 crop showing an extreme area with the noise?

    In case I am meant to see noise here, I could guess there might be some between models right elbow and her body on the shadow area of the roof behind her.
    If that is meant to be the topic; You underexposed that shadow area; i.e. you shot at the wrong time of day, for that location, since the background might require HDR to meet your standards.

    Disclaimer: I am not professional in that field.
    If you showed only a quarter or half of your captred pixels here, keep in mind that I used brute force to imagine a noisy area in your attached image.
  5. I don't see it. The well exposed and bright areas (sky, fence, etc.) look very smooth at this reduced resolution. The roof looks a little grainy, but that could be the surface of the shingles.
  6. Even at 100%, I don't see what you are talking about. The roof doesn't look noisy to me. Her makeup isn't completely smooth which makes it look like there is some artifacting on her cheek but I don't think that is a problem OR noise.

    Is she a chemist?
  7. If this is what you are referring to ...


    ... I think it looks like some type of interpolation artifacting, possibly from JPEG compression, image resampling, processing of 8-bit data, or somesuch. It appears to have a "structure" (it sort of resembles a QR code), so I wouldn't necessarily call it noise. It is plainly visible in the painted railing.

    If there is a raw file, does it have the same patterns?
  8. THAT isn't noise . . . That's some combination of post processing, poor resizing, over sharpening, improper sharpening, compression . . . Something in there . . . You indicate that you have cropped this image and you could have problems there. We can tell far more from the original but I don't think that this is terribly bad at normal viewing sizes and resolutions.
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