What is best value camera for Landscape this time ?

Discussion in 'Beginner Questions' started by tuan_do|1, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Sandy Vongries

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    Certainly, the D750 will take quite decent landscapes. I just spent two days with that and DF shooting landscapes in Western Montana. I have posted several today. I think that given the light, a good eye, and reasonable technique any quality camera lens combination, from any manufacturer can deliver fine landscape results. Some spectacular special effects from Mother Nature are always a bonus factor.
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  2. It depends on how much you shoot night scapes requiring clean low light images and how large you intend to print.
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  3. A local shop has a gold plated Nikon FM in the owner's private collection. The letters NFS are posted on all of the display cases :)
  4. You think?

    I doubt this Swedish Army Leica will appreciate much although it is much appreciated:
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  5. I meant something with lots of real gold.
    I have never seen camera as investment, which supposed to appreciate in price with time. It is just lovely piece of equipment delivering joy, or just tool for work, pick what is wright for you.
  6. Looking at your previous postings I get the feeling you are concentrating too much on gear rather than technique. As dcstep says above, get a camera which suits you, sounds like Nikon is your thing, and stick with it.
    Before you take a photo there is the stage of pre-visualising the image. Then take the photo, then there is post-production where you can adjust the various elements of the shot. The camera is just one part of the whole process.

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