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  1. I want to buy a Canon DSLR camera. I'm interested in doing mostly narrow-angle shots. My budget is up to $250. I was looking at used Canon DSLR's, namely the Eos 10D-60D. Is there a camera in this range that you would recommend buying/not buying? What is the best used Canon DSLR I can buy in this price range? Used ones are an option for me - the 10D caught my eye, as it's older but seems to be a solid camera.
  2. A Canon 20D is a little more modern than the 10D - (takes EF-S lenses which the 10D will not do), has plenty of pixels (8MB) for most purposes, and is generally selling with a "kit lens" for around your price target (if you are patient in bidding). Probably a little more if you buy it from a retailer, although look at KEH (often very good prices) or B&H or Adorama.
    The non-IS version of the EF-S 18-55mm kit lens is better than its reputation. Also look at 30Ds and later models. Often the "Rebel" lines are good buys, but I think you're right in concentrating on the more "advanced" xxD models.
  3. I now shoot with a 7D, but looking back at my older shots I am surprised by the quality I got out of my XTi, and the dust shaker meant that I haven't had to clean the sensor from new. For EOS on a budget this camera would be my pick.
  4. I would second the XTi, but you might also be able to get an XSi for that price or a little more, and you pick up some significant features. Either way, these 4-6 year old Canons still take great pictures.
  5. I've seen the Rebel T3 kit, a current model, on black friday special for close to 3 bills. Of course it is closer to 4 bills now but if you're not in a hurry I'm sure it will slide again after Xmas. I've also seen a new (discontinued) T2i at Best Buy for close to 3 bills too. Bet there's still new old stock on fleabay.
    I'd also check out the refurbs at the Canon Company store. Plenty of Rebs in that house...
  6. Craigslist has many of them in the under $300 range. The Rebels are very good, but I like the xxD for their speed and toughness (20D and higher). The 10D takes nice pictures, but it doesn't support EF-S lenses, larger compactflash cards (I have a 10D, had a 20D before the shutter went and now a 7D) and startup, storing speed lack. Whereas the 20D and higher are fast.
  7. Rather than the 10D I would either take one step forward to the 20D, which accepts EF-S lenses, or one step back to the D60, which works with some old Sigma lenses that can be bought cheaply.
    Probably you wouldn't get a 1D for $250 but if you do see one in good condition it might be a reasonable choice, if you don't mind the low pixel count.
  8. I would stick with the 20D or Rebel XT and newer bodies. I still use my six year old 20D all the time. I'm amazed that after all the abuse it's taken it still fires...
    If you don't need the high frame-rate, faster AF, and ruggeder (word?) build, the Rebel cameras are very good. If you can get one in your budget with the dust-shaker system that's a big win (even the 1st generation sensor-cleaner like the 40D is a big improvement). Sorry I don't know which Rebel model was the first with automatic sensor cleaning.
  9. [[I don't know which Rebel model was the first with automatic sensor cleaning.]]
    The Canon XTi (400D)
  10. I owned the XTi, the 10MP model circa 2007-08 and it lacked a CMOS shaker. Perhaps the next DReb sported one?
  11. I would also recommend a 20D, it is a very solid camera, I still have my old one as a backup.
  12. Double post.
  13. [[I owned the XTi, the 10MP model circa 2007-08 and it lacked a CMOS shaker. Perhaps the next DReb sported one?]]
    EOS Integrated Cleaning System
    • Anti-static coatings on sensor surfaces plus anti-dust materials in the camera body
    • Separate low pass filter with ultra-sonic vibration
    • Software based dust mapping / removal
  14. If I was just starting out I might go for the Pentax K5.
  15. XTi definitely has the auto sensor cleaning-I've got one.

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