What is a good beginner tripod

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by matt_foringer, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. What is a good beginner tripod? I'm looking to spend $50, I know
    that I can't really get anything good for that price but what is the
    best of all the cheap ones. I'd like something I can take hiking.


    Ps. Someone has mentioned a slik 300DX but it seems a bit expensive
    for me, any suggestions?
  2. You can never outgrow a "Tilt-all",these are available new & used for low $.They are very sturdy for most cameras up to 5 lbs.
  3. If that is your limit, realize that you are imposing some constraints on yourself. That said, get a used Bogen 3001 off of EPAY for $30-40 (US). NOTHING can beat it in that price range.
  4. 1. Went to Fred Meyer, bought ~$50.00 Velbon (CX 690, actually) with a pan/tilt head. Made sure it had nice features: bubble levels, QR plate, fast-operating leg locks, etc.

    2. Started using Velbon. Realized that I forgot to make sure it had the crucial "hold camera steady" feature. It would have been fine for a P&S or a DV video unit, but the head was just too light and weak for any SLR and lens but the smallest and most plastic. (i.e. you might squeak by if you have a Rebel).

    3. Found Tiltall No. 4602 at an estate sale. Picked it up for $25.00. Noted that it seemed seriously deficient in nice features compared to the Velbon, but I needed a replacement real bad.

    4. Started using Tiltall. It was indeed inferior to my first tripod in most ways. However, the previous owner had been putting a 4x5 on it, so it did blow the Velbon away in the "stops camera from moving" department.

    Since then, the Velbon has been gathering dust until I pulled it out to check the model number for this post. Moral is: To eBay with you! For $50.00, definitely go for the solid used over the flimsy new. Or I'll cut you a good deal on a barely-used CX 690. It has bubble levels!
  5. Buying used is the way to go if you've only got $50 to spend. Getting one from a camera store is best if you can locate one locally that handles used tripods: their stock tripods will be complete and in working order. Buying over the net you run the risk of getting a rig with missing parts, some of them trivial, some essential.
  6. New or used Manfrotto 190. Good quality & Manfrotto carries a complete line of repacement parts should you need something. Other brands may not have availability of parts stock. This can quickly turn a decent tripod that requires 1 small $3 peice into junk.
  7. I agree with Glenn: a Manfrotto 190 (known in the USA as a Bogen 3001) is about as solid as you'll find if you can find one at your price. A new one will cost around $90, not including pan or ball head.
  8. Thanks everyone! I've looked through some of these ideas and tried a couple out (like going to my local photography store). It seems that a tripod is something I'll have for a while so I think I'm going to splurge and buy a new one. I've been looking at the Slik 300Dx and 330Dx. I like the 330dx cause it isn't as heavy as the 300dx. I looked at the bogen 3001 and it doesn't have all the height I want. The only thing i'm cautious about now are tripod heads. For nature photography I've read that ball heads are much better (they don't get in the way as much as pan/tilt). Is this a general consensus?

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