what if I choose different ASA on my Film camera then is the film role...

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  1. I just went looking through my freezer. It seems as though Kodak boxes designed after ~2000 switched to only printing the ISO film speed as the ASA speed-i.e ISO 100, ISO 400, etc. The oldest I found marked simply "ISO 100" was E100G that expired in 2005.

    Kodak boxes from the 90s and earlier, like the Elite Chrome 100 that expired in 2000, were marked ISO ASA/DIN.

    The Fuji boxes I have with expiration dates of next year still carry the ASA and DIN speed. I forgot to check Ilford boxes while I was in the freezer, but a recently shot(and in date) 35mm roll of FP4+ I have sitting here says ISO 125/22ยบ
  2. In that case, I won't worry about specifying it that way.

    I did wonder if digital cameras have the ability to use the ASA or DIN value, but I couldn't find any way to select it.

    I tried to find Kodak data sheets for Germany, but even ones linked from kodak.de seemed to be the US version.

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