What I love about the internet

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by shawn_mertz, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. It is great getting 1st contacts like this one.


    I'm currently seeking a photographer who specializes in photojournalism for my October
    ** wedding in Pittsburgh, PA. I found your name on ****, reviewed your website and love
    your work! Are you by chance free on that date? If so, I would love to speak to you to set
    up a contract. You can reach me via email (*****@hotmail.com) or via my cell phone at


    **** *******
  2. Good going Shawn! Send that good karma this way! :)
  3. Congrats! That'll make you day.
  4. mertzfoto.com...not found.
  5. Shawn,

    When you entered in your web page into your photo.net profile, you didn't put "http://www." infront of "mertzfoto.com" so when people click on your web page link, your page isn't found. You need to at least put the "www.". That's why Stephen W. couldn't find your page.
  6. I couldn't agree more. Since I am getting back into the business I don't have any word of mouth going for me and the 4 bookings I have for March and April are all from the internet. And 2 of those are out of town that I never would have gotten with local advertising.

  7. Great Shawn! Now when they say, "You did a good job, or I love your photography" then you'll get the feeing this can be a pretty good business.

    My best to your success!
  8. That's just fantastic to have a lay down customer like that. I wish I could get a couple of those.

    Jason T

    Blue Mountain Photo Works
  9. I'm in Pittsburgh too!
  10. I don't care much for the sales part of photography so customers that are ready to buy
    make life so much better.
  11. by the way, a common internet scam starts with exactly this kind of 1st contact message. They get you to book the date, and then mail you a cashier's cheque for more than the deposit is, with instructions for you to cash it and send on the rest of the money to someone else. By the time your bank tells you the cheque is a fraud, your real money is long gone, as is the 'client'.

    I hope this one is the real deal though, congrats.

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