What I hate most about Nikon bodies

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  1. Steve, it's a liquid, not a gel. But yes.

    The thing I don't like about Nikon bodies is the manual in-focus indicator on DSLR's, tucked away the the bottom left hand corner of the finder, I have to take my eye off the subject to use it when focusing manually. I've got a little Pentax DSLR which beeps to show that it's in focus in manual focus mode, much easier. Why can't Nikon (and Canon) bodies do this?
  2. Dropped whist drunk?
  3. At one time was fairly smitten with N90s Nikons - but discovered that the rubberized coating on the back turned sticky fairly quickly. Rest of the camera was fine, just the back. Turned out on the N90s the solution was simply to remove the sticky coating which left you with a nice shiny black plastic back. As I recall, I used both 91% ETOH and Coleman fuel which is actually naptha. And simple scrapers made from Popsicle sticks sharpened into a chisel-edge scraper and which did not scratch. Always a relief when I finished up and had a nice clean and not sticky back. Rest of the camera seemed fine, and so far no problems with my F100. Things like the use by Nikon of things like the short-lived rubber coatings make you wonder what they were thinking. When I loan one of my N90s cameras to one of my students they always come back pretty amazed at what a cool camera this is. I agree
  4. Several Nikon models have that function - D810 yes but D850 no as far as I am aware.
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  5. My N80 and F100 are sticky too. For whatever reason my cameras from the previous generation, F4s, N6006, N8008, do not have this problem.
    As others have pointed out Isopropyl Alcohol can remove the stickiness temporarily.
  6. You can't really fix the stickiness as it has to do with the breakdown of the components of the material. The severity will depend on the amount of humidity, heat cycles etc. your camera is exposed to. My D700 suffered from it tremendously in Asia. I have since taken the habit of wiping my hands before handling the camera or the lenses. No more problems since. One trick I use which works well, but only for a few weeks at a time, is to lightly coat the rubber bits in Armer All.
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    Many years ago, decades, in fact, one of the kids wanted to earn some extra spending money. Had him wash and clean the car. Did a wonderful job, ex. for putting Armorall on the pedals, slippery, an exciting moment or two. I'd never put it on a camera. Never had the sticky problem, and I use a wrist strap, the camera is in my hand or in one of the Thinktank shoulder bags.
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  8. It's too bad no entrepreneur has taken the opportunity to offer alternative grips made of some less-hygroscopic material that doesn't swell and become sticky. The treated leather that covers the steering wheel in my 14-year-old Honda Accord would be close to ideal. Its texture and appearance haven't appreciably changed in all those years.
  9. All the old manual bodies need the film advance lever in the off position to turn the meter on - rules them out for most left eye viewers.
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  10. I can live with a sticky covering, but the delicate back latches on my F100 and N80 (F80) have made these cameras unusable. It's a real shame.
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  12. REgarding Armor-All: I recall long ago a friend told of another friend who made the mistake of using it on his motorcycle seat. You can probably fill in what happened when he had to stop at a toll booth!
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