What Have You PN Sports Shooters Shot Lately?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by wilsontsoi, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Before we get into fall sports, lets share what we've all shot these past weeks or so.
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    Stevens vs Milovsberang, Copyright 2007 Jeff Spire
  3. I have made arrangements with the Athletic Director at my son's high school to shoot as many home sporting events as I can. This week it's softball. Next week will be volleyball on Monday, softball on Tues/Thu/Fri and football (in the Georgia Dome) on Saturday. Attached is one of the pictures I took at a softball game this week.
  4. Netball time. Nice job with the fence Jeff guess the linesman pliers worked hey. Perfect as usaul Wilson. Bring on the D3 woohooo speed res and no noise I'm in heaven.
  5. whoops soory for the double post
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    Nice job with the fence Jeff guess the linesman pliers worked hey
    Mark, it turned out that I was able to wedge my lens in enough that most of the time I didn't have to deal with the cage. Unfortunately, as I moved the lens around, I would get flare as the edge of the lens caught some of the cage. I also backed up and got some fair but not great shots. I'm lucky, it's all regular boxing rings until mid-October.
    You can see some of the flare from catching the cage at the edge of the lens in this shot:
    Ngovo vs Stack, Copyright 2007 Jeff Spirer
  7. So Jeff, these aren't quite from the Normandie Casino, yet? I was also wondering about the shooting through the cage thing as well. If you were able to stick the lens through the openings, you must have been shooting with a 62mm dia. lens or smaller? the flare from catching a bit of the chain link doesn't really bother me much. What do you think about the color temperature though? Great to see some variaties here.

    Mark, nice tight crops. Did you shoot with the 120-300 f2.8 again? Hope that you're getting stronger as the days go by.

    Zack, make the most out of your opportunities!

    Fab, cool ride. Those look like brand new tires.
  8. Taken last weekend - No Pain, No Gain
  9. Taken over the weekend - Up Up and Away
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    So Jeff, these aren't quite from the Normandie Casino, yet?
    That's in two weeks, and it's Muay Thai, so it will be a traditional boxing ring. I have another cage fight night in October.
    If you were able to stick the lens through the openings, you must have been shooting with a 62mm dia. lens or smaller?
    It's 77mm, just fits, no hood. Good thing I have a filter on it, it gets sprayed some.
    What do you think about the color temperature though
    It's a little bit warm for some people, I would agree with that.
  11. Hi wilson I shot em with a 80-200 the 120 is a bit heavy to lug around still but I'm getting stronger, it's also too long for this sport, I'm using it this friday to shoot the top fuel drags just wish the d3 was here as it'll be a night shoot, hopefully it'll have resonable lighting. I'll post images in next weeks thread.

    As for the tight crops I'm trying out a new technique I picked up from a guy on another forum more of a portrait style, seems to be going ok and as always I like to differentiate from the competition, more like the #1 image. I always ran by the old addage of you must have the ball in the shoot but I'm thinking now the faces are the real sellers, having both is better.

    Off the subject, but have any of you guys shot WSOP poker? I'm looking for a Joe Hachem shot for my poker room and can't find one for the life of me.
  12. http://www.northeastfoto.com/gallery/files/1/4/2/6/soccer2.jpg
  13. Is it to late?
  14. Here's a couple of my latest baseball tourney - shot with XTi and Tamron 200-500.
  15. A second one from 150' with Tamron 200-500 / XTi
  16. Last weekend, Good weather and lots of Horses.
  17. Horse Pulling
  18. Australian Volleyball League from a little while ago, our girls (Uni Blues) went through to win the gold:
    Volleyball 1 Volleyball 2 Volleyball 3
    Actually now I think about it, I may have some more from this weekend, I'll get back to you.
  19. Girl's soccer.
  20. Just came back from the south of France.

    Course Camarguaise looked like an impressive sport:

  21. I need help shooting sports, usings a Fuji s9000 - what settings,etc do I use. It doesn't appear you can change the apeture. I have a lot of noise and blur.
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    Holly, this may be the wrong thread to take up the problems with your photo. You are shooting at ISO 800, which is noisy on that camera. You can try something like Noise Ninja for noise reduction. Also, you are shooting at 1/60 and almost wide open, so there isn't really enough light to do much better. If they let you use flash, consider doing that. Also, you focused on the stands, not the players, which helped contribute to the blur.
  23. Holly, in addition to Jeff's comment above, your Fuji FinePix S9100 has a shoe-mount for an external flash, so you might want to put it to use (if the officials allow) since it looks like you had already maxed out at f3.9 at long end. Curiously though you used Shutter Priority mode, but at 1/60 sec. which is much too slow to stop action (not familiar with S9100, but is this the max flash sync speed?) And as a last resort, although it will yield grainier results, but given what you have to work with, you might as well try ISO-1600.

    Another alternative approach to shooting volleyball indoor & available light with your S9100 would be to set a short focal length, which will give you f2.8 max aperture, set highest possible ISO, probably yielding 1/125sec. shutter speed, continuous drive, and sit as close as possible (on the floor) to the action, and shoot away. The shorter, wide angle focal length with a very close shooting posiiton will give a dramatic look, allow for more light gathering large aperture, and de-emphasize motion blur. Just watch out for the digs and kills coming your way on occasions (football helmet is optional.)
  24. last friday

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