What have you learned from the "No Words" forum?

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by Sanford, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. I agree with Gerald, the more complete and descriptive the title is, the easier it locate years from now.
  2. I appreciate the creative efforts of the posters and it makes me do some digging to try and keep up so it doesn't appear that I am some old guy that lost it years ago. Keeping the brain active will hopefully slow down my mental decline and this is a fun way to do it. If I ever post the same image more than once, please forgive me because I don't try to do it. The no words post awhile ago where posters played off the previous image and went on for days really blew my feeble mind away. I knew there were a lot of really smart people here that could see things I definitely didn't. The no words forum is also a great place to see images from those that I agree and disagree with on various issues.
  3. Don't worry about reposting an old photo. If you forgot about it most of us probably also have.
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  4. I've learned primarily that I need to revamp my file system significantly. Also, I've learned that I miss NW when I've been absent from it for too long a time (like the present).
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  5. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    My problem is when I find an image in my 'filing system' (such as it is), that not only do I not recall taking, I don't even remember being where it was taken ! And I've only had a DSLR for four years !
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  6. I try to tell people heading out for that once in a lifetime vacation or cruise "TAKE PHOTOS" as they will most likely forget much of it before they get home. (seniors)
  7. Tony, I recommend healthy amounts of Omega-3s added to your diet. Flaxseed is a good source. Not only might you start remembering where you've been, you will stay regular in the process! :rolleyes:
  8. Just how many pictures I've taken (digital) in the past 12 years and how many I'd forgot about. Now NW is my daily mental exercise trying to find the one I want, if that fails then the excuse I need to go out and take some more. Many thanks to all involved. Best regards Ken.
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  9. How much fun it is to play the double-entendre game with titles and images.
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  10. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Thank you, Fred. That, however, is not now and has never been a problem for me ! (I know, TMI !)

    These days, I have to do that on a shopping trip ! I sometimes find myself going into entirely the wrong shop, or into the shop that is now where the one I wanted used to be twenty-five years ago - or was it thirty-five ? At least I can still remember how to press a shutter button.
  11. I've started photographing the street signs near where I park my car.
  12. I can see this thread being used as evidence at an incompetence hearing.
  13. Thank you!
  14. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    I knew there was something .. .. ..
  15. I give it a year before I re-post the same photo. I have all web upload jpegs I've posted in NW saved to one folder, 2137 so far.

    After finding a Raw photo that relates to the NW topic in CS5 Bridge then opening and downsizing in Photoshop, I check for a duplicate in the "Web Upload" folder and do a Get Info. If it's a year from last posted or older, I post it.

    This also allows me a fresh look at the old image where most of the time I make it look better with a re-edit in ACR and downsize to a larger size from its previous 700 to 1000 pixels on the long end.

    NW does test my memory of which image is related to the subject among over 1000 images filed away in over 100 folders by subject/location of the scene.
  16. I've learned that I enjoy PN the most when I keep my mouth shut and use my photos to communicate.
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  17. That it can be fun and challenging posting to the No Words forum.
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  18. I usually do a new Photoshopped version of pictures before every post, so at least technically they're "new". However I figure that if the topic is one that recurs very often (e.g., GREEN) then I am entitled to post the obvious response from among my portfolio, just as many times as the imaginative topic shows up.

    It's a difficult way between endless repeats of topic and topics that are so specific as to be difficult to match up.

    507E24N 25 cm level
  19. Hi JDMvW, I may be a bit dense at interpreting the meaning of your post. Are you complaining at a lack of imagination on the part of the posters to NW forum, or do you want them to be very specific.
  20. I'm not doing either.

    One point was that there's no reason to complain about repetitions when the topics themselves repeat.

    But, this being a photoforum, I couldn't resist giving photo examples just for fun.

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