What has happened to Shutterfly?!

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by dave_redmann, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. I have used Shutterfly for many years, mostly to order prints from digital files. In the past, with regular prints, they almost always shipped within one or two business days of the order. I made my last order Sunday, July 8; as of this afternoon, Friday, July 13, the order has not shipped, and their system shows an estimated arrival of the 21st to the 26th, which means that even allowing four mail days (recently actual deliver has usually taken three mail days), they don't even expect to ship until at least Tuesday, July 17, i.e., nine days (seven business days) after I ordered. To me this is completely unacceptable. Anybody have any information on what's going on? (From past experience, I find their customer service often not too well informed--it seems like they use some simple troubleshooting flowchart and more-or-less scripted responses--and therefore not worth asking, but I haven't had many major issues.)
    For what it's worth, I chose the standard shipping, which is about $2.75, instead of their expedited (but still U.S. Mail) shipping, which is $6.99--but this is what I've almost always done. And the prints are nothing oddball--just a couple of dozen 8x10's and 4x6's on regular glossy paper.
  2. No idea - but I do know that their site was down most of today - I haven't checked it lately -
    I typically use Mpix for my prints - but I had to order an item from Shutterfly last week that Mpix doesn't print (luggage tags) Hopefully I get it on the promised day.
  3. Could have something to do with the kodak transfer.
  4. We have not used Shutterfly in the past few months, but I always had very timely delivery service, even for family in Canada. Let's hope that this is an abberation.
  5. Dave, I live 10 miles away from the Shutterfly facility, and I had the same problem this week. They must be having some kind of equipment failure problem this week that is delaying the prints. When I entered my order I got the usual email confirmation indicating that shipment would occur in their normal timely fashion but my prints have not yet arrived.
  6. I'd suspect the Kodak thing has a lot to do with it, especially as they are now transferring Kodak's customers' photos. Plus probably a lot of Kodak customers just ignored the notifications until the site shut down a few days ago and are probably signing up for Shutterfly in droves.
  7. Dave, I placed an order of four 10x14's last Friday and recieved them this Wednesday, almost a week BEFORE the estimated arrival date.

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