What has been the best wedding you've ever shot?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by betty_lowrey, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Most fun, most rewarding, whatever you consider the best?
    Mine was definitely my last one. Great couple, great location, and it was NYE so it was SO much fun. I ended up ringing in the new year and shooting away, I had a blast.
  2. I shot the wedding of one of my assistants in Sorrento, Italy a few years ago. Beautiful setting overlooking the sea. Wedding was followed by a 4 hour meal. Best meal I've ever had.
    I'll never forget what my assistant said at the reception. In a moment of sheer excitement she exclaimed, "This is the best wedding I've ever been to... and it's my own!! "
  3. I'd have to say a western wedding shot at a rodeo grounds last fall. Nice folks, beautiful cool day, lovely location, perfect weather, and great food.
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    My next one.
  5. Well known NYC Park Avenue socialite's daughter gets married in Massachusetts on the campus of Williams College. Great people. Three tents. Decor by a celebrated NYC event planner. I heard the budget was half a million. During the reception, they transformed the cocktail hour tent into an after hours lounge. Amazing! They booked me for the entire weekend, including the rehearsal dinner, put me up in a hotel, treated me like family, my fee was in the five figures. Afterwards, Bridal Guide called me for photos, they published a two page spread covering the wedding. Awesome.
  6. I did a lesbian wedding several years ago on Halloween night in San Antonio, TX. Half the guests were in wedding clothes, the other half in Halloween costumes. It was a blast. The best part was that both brides wore wedding dresses!
  7. I did a your's mine and ours wedding last July. THe bride had 2 daughters form a previos mariage, the groom has a son form hi previousand they has the cutest 5 year old daughter together. The had been together 8 years and decided to makeit legal. Ceremony and reception at a gold club close to Port Huron Michigan. Beautiful service, the event planners managed to get us a 1.2 break in tee times so we could spend some time getting some wonderful shots on the gold course, and we were treated like a part of the family
  8. "my next one"
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    . . . however many a true word is cloaked in jest.

    I AM serious - attitudinally.

  10. Photographed some porn stars, made $30 grand. Photos appeared in a magazine, made another 10 grand.
    Took a long vacation after that one. Only in LA!
  11. Ed Richter and I shot a wedding in a private compound on Harson's Island some years ago that was my favorite to date ...
    The Dad drove us around the area in a golf cart and explained the history of the charming 1915s cottages, and the Mom had the Yacht Club open the kitchen to make us some lunch ... it all was like an ad for Polo clothing ... and the day was perfect weather with a summer night sky ablaze with stars and warm light from wedding area ... sigh ....
  12. I have a couple of favorites. Two that stand out as being situated perfectly, and perfect weather. But a third one was exceptionally warm (emotion not heat) , bride had lost both her parents at quite a young age, and her aunt had taken her in. During speeches much was said and many a tear was shed in remembrance of her parents. But it did not become a tearfest, there was laughter and at the party some fantastically dressed people.
    Warm, welcoming, and I was there for the weekend, which for me added tremendously to the emotianel appeal. Amazing
  13. A wedding we shot in May was at the same location my wife and I were married at June 2007. It was very easy to know where the good shots were, and it was quite sentimental. That same wedding was our best in terms of revenue from extra prints. I think every guest ordered something! Great for our confidence and great for our memory :).
  14. My favorite wedding was the last one I did for a friend. For a few months I tried to steer them toward a real wedding photographer but they insisted. Anyway, I shot the wedding (for free, at my insistence), edited the prints and sent them the images...then nothing, not even a word for for two weeks. I really started to get worried. I was completely convinced I screwed up.
    Finally one night I'm out for a beer with friends and suddenly I'm nearly knocked over by the bride as she grabs me in a death hug. Nearly in tears she told me over and over again how much she loved the images. I was so caught off guard by her emotion I choked up. It was a really wonderful feeling.

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