What happend with Editors' Picks.....

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  1. What happend with Editors' Picks....., Photo of the day, Photo of the week?
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  2. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Both stopped a while ago. Likely under the present situation will not begin in a framework as they were before.
    On the other hand, there are several regular threads, initiated by enthusiastic members which garner much support.
    I believe, not so long ago, I read a post from samstevens (my paraphrasing now) in which he encouraged the members to create and get involved in the achievement of similar.

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  3. A while ago?
    And no one had time to refresh the page?
  4. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Your question is understandable, especially as it seems to be that you could have been relatively inactive at Photo.net, since Feb 2019.
    I believe you are missing the critical information: it is not that no one had time to refresh the page, it is that there is no one to refresh the page.

  5. Oh. And there will be no one to fix the 404-error?
  6. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    I don't know. Glitches similar have been addressed before, so I do hope so.
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  7. I resemble that remark. :)
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  8. Fix in progress for "public galleries" meaning ones assigned to POTD/W and Editor's pick. Glenn chooses and assigns, but the metadata data isn't taking hold as a bug.
  9. Hey, Mr. Technical Support, don’t you (or Glenn, OMG!) think at least the Moderators should have a way to contact you directly, so that when big glitches occur, all these days and member energy don’t have to be spent figuring out what’s going on and determining ways to get the administration’s attention? Or does that make too much sense?
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  10. WJT

    WJT Moderator

    Technicalsupport gets my thanks! Once they were contacted the fixes came pronto. Regards.
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  11. "Once they were contacted the fixes came pronto." Does this include the 404 error I reported separately today?
  12. People are no longer getting the 404 error when accessing their portfolios so I Would say YESSSSS
  13. INDEED!!
  14. William, I'm quite aware of Sam's suggestion. I agree with it, but only up to a point. The site clearly was quite different when we "veterans" signed up. Arguably, the inclusion of contests, POTD, POTW,Editor's Picks, et.al., may have been its main selling features. Although I no longer know the date when the current version of PN was rolled out, I do know that it included such features. When and why were they eliminated? We have a right to know.
  15. Does this mean that POTD, POTW, and Editor's Picks will be reinstated?
  16. I don’t know that their elimination was an intentional act, so much as a matter of attrition and the overall disinterest on the part of administration into putting regular effort into the site. They seem to want it to run as automatedly as possible. I don’t know what rights you think come with being the user of a website, but I suspect knowing the reasons won’t bring back the features many of us miss. I think it’s perfectly ok to let the administration know the damage they’ve done as a matter of consumer action, but I also don’t expect much change and doubt any of them care what we think. This will happen again, tempers will flare at the site as they did this time, the barest of fixes will be made, comparable to offering crumbs to pigeons, and many will be mollified enough to continue limping along while each time something like this happens, I suspect, some people will leave for good.
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  17. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Unless I am mistaken it would certainly be possible to run Picture of the Week informally without anything but member support. A thread could be started on a Monday, one photo per member in the course of the week. No photos eligible after Sunday. I will have to test this, but I know the thread could be closed, and I think a poll could be run the following Monday. Though I know Likes are a mixed bag, using the most likes to determine the winner, even Photo of the Day might work. Again, opened at the start of the day, closed at the end, results posted the next day. Just a thought! If we did all the work, we might even be able to get Tech to post the picture as before. Editors Pick could also be arranged - several distinguished photographers chosen by membership could get together by PM, initially once every two weeks? Make a selection and post the result. Just a question of starting without overreaching and learning on the way.
  18. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    When: I recall they both became inactive, on PN1, during the Beta Testing of PN2.

    Why: I reckon samstevens hit the nail on he head (my paraphrase) - "their elimination was [not] an intentional act, so much as a matter of attrition.

    Apropos, "[your] right to know": I have no idea what you consider is within your right to know, however, being those are passionate words, being ignorant of the facts as to why, I can only offer my opinion as to why, to hopefully quell your anger.

    Further, again quoting samstevens - "I suspect knowing the reasons won’t bring back the features many of us miss" is the line I tend to take when I am confronted with this type of situation: being a generally an outcome focussed kind of guy, I put my effort into doing stuff here that gives me interest and joy and forwards the conversation, rather than ruminating on the past; to that end, Sandy's idea of a Member run "Picture of the Week" is a good idea. Maybe you could start it and see how it flies?

  19. Sandy, I look forward to the forthcoming experiment. Many thanks!
  20. William, when I wrote these words, I was not angry, just very disappointed. I'm going to take your suggestion.

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